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1970s TV show guest appearances for Mariette Hartley:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
January 29, 1964 The Virginian (s2,e19) The Drifter Maria Peterson
October 14, 1964 The Virginian (s3,e5) Felicity's Spring Kate Andrews
November 15, 1967 He & She (s1,e11) The Coming Out Party Dorothy
November 10, 1968 Bonanza (s10,e9) The Survivors Alicia Purcell
January 5, 1970 ABC Love, American Style (s1,e41) Love And The Fighting Couple Ruth Dabb
January 8, 1970 NBC Daniel Boone (s6,e13) An Angel Cried Sister Cecilia
February 8, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s11,e19) Is There Any Man Here? Jennifer Carlis
November 22, 1970 ABC The F.B.I. (s6,e9) The Impersonator Jessica Bowling
December 8, 1970 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s2,e12) To Carry The Sun In A Golden Cup Maggie Lynch
September 20, 1971 CBS Gunsmoke (s17,e2) Phoenix Kate Hume
November 7, 1971 CBS Cade's County (s1,e7) The Armageddon Contract Frances Pilgrim
November 28, 1971 NBC Bonanza (s13,e10) The Iron Butterfly Lola Fairmont
March 8, 1972 CBS Mannix (s5,e24) Death In The Fifth Gear Nurse Cara Guild
March 18, 1972 ABC The Sixth Sense (s1,e9) Eye Of The Haunted Terry/Diana
October 2, 1972 CBS Gunsmoke (s18,e4) The Judgement Fiona Gideon
November 16, 1972 ABC The Delphi Bureau (s1,e3) The White Plague Project Sarah Beaumont
November 24, 1972 NBC Ghost Story (s1,e9) Cry Of The Cat Sheila Conway
December 5, 1972 NBC The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (s4,e10) A Purge Of Madness Helen Burke
January 7, 1973 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s19,e11) The Mystery Of Dracula's Castle (1)
January 14, 1973 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s19,e12) The Mystery Of Dracula's Castle (2)
February 4, 1973 ABC The F.B.I. (s8,e20) The Double Play Doe Riley
October 20, 1973 CBS The Bob Newhart Show (s2,e6) Have You Met Miss Dietz? Marilyn Dietz
November 15, 1973 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s2,e10) Shield Of Honor Officer McCormick
November 24, 1973 NBC Emergency! (s3,e10) Zero Vera Mannering
December 5, 1973 ABC Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law (s3,e10) Snatches Of A Crazy Song Roberta Laughlin
January 13, 1974 NBC Columbo (s3,e5) Publish Or Perish Eileen Macrae
February 18, 1974 CBS Gunsmoke (s19,e19) The Iron Blood Of Courage Ellie Talley
March 24, 1974 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e23) Image In A Cracked Mirror Vanessa
October 26, 1974 CBS Paul Sand In Friends And Lovers (s1,e7) Moran's The Man Sandra
November 7, 1974 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e9) Cry Help! Bonnie Harris
November 12, 1974 CBS Barnaby Jones (s3,e8) Mystery Cycle Carolyn Lacey
January 26, 1975 NBC McCloud (s5,e7) Lady On The Run Ann Lassiter
March 10, 1976 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s2,e19) For My Lady Widow Thurman
October 13, 1976 NBC The Quest (s1,e3) Shanklin Vay
October 30, 1976 ABC Most Wanted (s1,e3) The Corrupter Lt. Ruth Massey
January 18, 1977 NBC Police Woman (s3,e15) Banker's Hours Gloria Turner
January 23, 1977 CBS Delvecchio (s1,e13) Dying Can Be A Pleasure Angela Atkins
March 23, 1977 NBC Kingston Confidential (s1,e1) Shadow Game Morgan
November 21, 1977 NBC Columbo (s7,e1) Try And Catch Me Veronica Bryce
January 2, 1978 CBS Logan's Run (s1,e10) Future Past Ariana
September 22, 1978 CBS The Incredible Hulk (s2,e1) Married (1) Dr. Carolyn Fields
January 8, 1979 CBS M*A*S*H (s7,e16) Inga Dr. Inga Helversen
September 28, 1979 NBC The Rockford Files (s6,e1) Paradise Cove Althea Morgan
March 18, 1980 NBC The Big Show (s1,e3) Episode 3 Host

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