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1970s TV show guest appearances for Russ Marin:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 26, 1970 CBS Mannix (s4,e2) One For The Lady Angelo
November 18, 1970 CBS Medical Center (s2,e10) Deadly Encounter Pathologist
December 26, 1971 NBC Bonanza (s13,e14) Warbonnet Sheriff
October 25, 1972 NBC Search (s1,e6) Operation Iceman Ginelli
November 1, 1972 NBC Banacek (s1,e4) A Million The Hard Way Marvin Flanders
November 8, 1974 CBS Planet Of The Apes (s1,e9) The Horse Race Daomon
November 4, 1976 CBS The Waltons (s5,e7) The Wedding Mr. Bradley
March 7, 1977 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s3,e18) The Wisdom Of Solomon Man
September 16, 1977 CBS Wonder Woman (s2,e1) The Return of Wonder Woman Kleist
February 25, 1978 ABC Operation Petticoat (s1,e20) In Gossett We Trust Phil McGregor
October 26, 1978 CBS Barnaby Jones (s7,e5) Nest Of Scorpions Scott Baldwin
October 26, 1978 CBS The Waltons (s7,e5) The Changeling Mr. Larkin
December 12, 1978 ABC Starsky & Hutch (s4,e11) Cover Girl Dr. Harriman
March 18, 1979 ABC Battlestar Galactica (s1,e22) Experiment In Terra Alliance Member
November 17, 1979 ABC Detective School (s2,e9) Farewell, My Miss Glendale

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