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1970s TV shows in which Sidney Clute was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Sidney Clute:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 28, 1966 Hogan's Heroes (s2,e7) Hogan Springs Sparrow
March 24, 1967 Hogan's Heroes (s2,e28) Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon Max
April 1, 1969 It Takes A Thief (s2,e23) The Family Dr. Byron
September 17, 1969 Room 222 (s1,e1) Richie's Story Charlie
September 24, 1969 Room 222 (s1,e2) Naked Came We Into The World Mr. Reiger
October 15, 1969 Room 222 (s1,e5) The Flu Mr. Reiger
December 11, 1969 Dragnet (s4,e12) Bunco - $9,000 Al Roth
December 31, 1969 Medical Center (s1,e13) The Adversaries Dr. Grover
January 5, 1970 CBS The Doris Day Show (s2,e13) The Prizefighter And The Lady Howard
January 8, 1970 NBC Ironside (s3,e14) Dora Peck
February 5, 1970 NBC Daniel Boone (s6,e16) Mama Cooper Otto Schmidt
March 19, 1970 NBC Dragnet (s4,e22) D.H.Q. - Night School Norm Cavanaugh
April 2, 1970 NBC Dragnet (s4,e24) Robbery - The Harassing Wife Sam Golden
April 9, 1970 NBC Daniel Boone (s6,e23) The Homecoming Pasco
May 7, 1970 NBC Daniel Boone (s6,e26) Israel And Love Pasco
October 14, 1970 ABC Room 222 (s2,e4) Adam's Lib Blackwell
October 22, 1970 NBC Ironside (s4,e6) A Lonely Way To Go Leone
November 7, 1970 CBS My Three Sons (s11,e7) The Elopement Operator
January 6, 1971 NBC Night Gallery (s1,e8) Make Me Laugh David Garrick
March 6, 1971 CBS The Mary Tyler Moore Show (s1,e24) The 45-Year-Old Man Everett Edwards
March 11, 1971 ABC Bewitched (s7,e22) Darrin Goes Ape Officer #2
October 2, 1971 CBS Mission: Impossible (s6,e3) The Tram Rudy Landers
October 14, 1971 ABC Alias Smith And Jones (s2,e5) The Posse That Wouldn't Quit Prosecutor
November 17, 1971 NBC Adam-12 (s4,e9) Anniversary Farrell
January 25, 1972 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s3,e17) All The Pretty People Hanson
October 1, 1972 NBC McCloud (s3,e1) The New Mexican Connection Detective Simms
January 9, 1973 NBC The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (s4,e14) Tightrope To Tomorrow Bert Watson
February 9, 1973 ABC The Odd Couple (s3,e18) The Hustler Barney
September 17, 1973 ABC The Rookies (s2,e2) Margin For Error Seymour
November 21, 1973 CBS Kojak (s1,e5) Girl In The River Det. Cahan
December 17, 1973 CBS Here's Lucy (s6,e14) Lucy And Chuck Connors Have A Surprise Slumber Party Lt. Turner
February 6, 1974 NBC Chase (s1,e17) Vacation For A President Settles
September 13, 1974 NBC Chico And The Man (s1,e1) Pilot Police Officer #1
October 13, 1974 NBC McCloud (s5,e2) The Gang That Stole Manhattan Det. Simms
October 24, 1974 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e7) Jacob's Boy Mr. Horowitz
November 24, 1974 NBC McCloud (s5,e5) The Concrete Jungle Caper Det. Simms
December 4, 1974 NBC Lucas Tanner (s1,e10) Cheers Ed Carter
January 4, 1975 CBS All In The Family (s5,e16) Prisoner In The House Mr. Strinski
February 5, 1975 ABC That's My Mama (s1,e20) The Witness Police Captain
March 7, 1975 ABC Kolchak: The Night Stalker (s1,e18) The Knightly Murders Bruce Krause
March 23, 1975 ABC The Six Million Dollar Man (s2,e20) The Bionic Woman (2) Mr. Schwartz
March 30, 1975 NBC McCloud (s5,e9) Return To The Alamo Det. Simms
September 10, 1975 CBS Cannon (s5,e1) Nightmare Carl Pesky
September 21, 1975 NBC McCloud (s6,e1) Park Avenue Pirates Det. Simms
November 23, 1975 NBC McCloud (s6,e4) Three Guns For New York Det. Simms
December 7, 1975 CBS Kojak (s3,e12) Money Back Guarantee Barry Sullivan
December 21, 1975 CBS Bronk (s1,e14) There's Gonna Be A War
March 1, 1976 NBC Jigsaw John (s1,e5) Dry Ice Mason White
March 3, 1976 CBS The Blue Knight (s1,e10) A Slower Beat William Daly
January 16, 1977 NBC McCloud (s7,e3) The Great Taxicab Stampede Det. Simms
February 2, 1977 ABC Charlie's Angels (s1,e16) Dirty Business Lembeck
February 12, 1977 ABC Fish (s1,e2) The Car Sheldon
February 18, 1977 NBC The Rockford Files (s3,e17) Just Another Polish Wedding Mr. Dinsdale
December 17, 1977 CBS Kojak (s5,e11) Case Without A File Kilpatrick
December 22, 1977 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s10,e10) Tsunami Ron Bradford
January 7, 1978 NBC Emergency! (s7,e1) The Steel Inferno Boss Painter
February 17, 1978 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s3,e18) Gone But Not Forgotten Security Guard
April 5, 1978 CBS The Amazing Spiderman (s1,e1) The Deadly Dust (1) Inspector DeCarlo
December 20, 1978 ABC Charlie's Angels (s3,e13) Angels In The Stretch Les Ferrar
March 18, 1979 ABC Battlestar Galactica (s1,e22) Experiment In Terra Stone
October 6, 1979 NBC CHiPs (s3,e4) High Octane Steve Barr

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