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1970-1982 TV show guest appearances for Stuart Nisbet:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
November 21, 1962 The Virginian (s1,e9) It Tolls For Thee Nelson
November 10, 1968 Bonanza (s10,e9) The Survivors Paul Fletcher
October 2, 1969 Ironside (s3,e3) Poole's Paradise Deputy
November 16, 1969 Bonanza (s11,e9) Meena Charlie
November 29, 1969 Mannix (s3,e9) The Nowhere Victim Al
December 10, 1969 Then Came Bronson (s1,e12) A Long Trip To Yesterday Garage Owner
January 4, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s11,e14) It's A Small World Wiley
January 11, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s11,e15) Danger Road Storekeeper
January 25, 1970 NBC The Bill Cosby Show (s1,e18) The Worst Crook That Ever Lived Vic Sherman
March 4, 1970 NBC The Virginian (s8,e22) The Sins Of The Fathers Bartender
March 18, 1970 NBC The Virginian (s8,e24) The Gift Bart
April 9, 1970 NBC Dragnet (s4,e25) Burglary - Baseball Fred Hinckle
September 13, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s12,e1) The Night Virginia City Died Evans
September 25, 1970 NBC The High Chaparral (s4,e2) Spokes Conlin
January 2, 1971 CBS Mannix (s4,e14) Round Trip To Nowhere Tom West
January 15, 1971 NBC The Name Of The Game (s3,e16) L.A. 2017 Dr. Simmons
February 19, 1971 ABC Love, American Style (s2,e48) Love And The Jury Foreman
February 26, 1971 ABC The Partridge Family (s1,e22) Road Song Patrolman
February 28, 1971 NBC The Bold Ones: The Senator (s1,e8) A Single Blow Of The Sword John T. Andrews
March 28, 1971 NBC Bonanza (s12,e26) Winter Kill Fred Tyson
January 19, 1972 NBC Columbo (s1,e6) Short Fuse Pinstripe
January 21, 1972 ABC Love, American Style (s3,e67) Love And The Bathtub Minister
March 26, 1972 NBC Bonanza (s13,e25) A Visit To Upright Sheriff
September 20, 1972 NBC Adam-12 (s5,e2) The Late Baby Burglar
November 12, 1972 NBC Night Gallery (s3,e7) You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan Detective Kimbrough
January 7, 1973 CBS Mannix (s6,e16) The Man Who Wasn't There Motel Manager
January 13, 1973 CBS Bridget Loves Bernie (s1,e17) Life Begins At 65 Laundry Man
February 4, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s1,e2) To Catch A Dead Man Adams
February 6, 1973 ABC Marcus Welby, M.D. (s4,e20) Catch A Ring That Isn't There Proprietor
March 4, 1973 NBC Columbo (s2,e7) The Most Dangerous Match Dr. Sullivan
March 11, 1973 NBC McMillan And Wife (s2,e6) The Fine Art Of Staying Alive Mr. James
September 23, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e2) Death Leap Coroner
January 9, 1974 NBC Adam-12 (s6,e14) The Sweet Smell Rev. Sherman
January 25, 1974 ABC Toma (s1,e10) Rock-A-Bye Security Guard
February 15, 1974 NBC Lotsa Luck (s1,e19) Stan's Assistant Heinecke
February 26, 1974 ABC Happy Days (s1,e7) Fonzie Drops In Mr. Faraday
April 3, 1974 ABC Doc Elliot (s1,e12) Things That Might Have Been Ernie Price
September 24, 1974 CBS Barnaby Jones (s3,e3) The Challenge McKay
October 18, 1974 NBC The Rockford Files (s1,e6) This Case Is Closed Bartender
October 24, 1974 NBC Movin' On (s1,e6) Cowhands Sheriff Pittman
December 21, 1974 NBC Emergency! (s4,e13) Parade George
January 22, 1975 CBS The Manhunter (s1,e17) Man In A Cage Wheeler
March 12, 1975 NBC Lucas Tanner (s1,e20) Requiem For A Son Mr. Thompson
October 10, 1975 CBS Barnaby Jones (s4,e4) The Price Of Terror Earl Mooney
November 3, 1975 ABC Mobile One (s1,e8) The Crusader
December 22, 1975 ABC Mobile One (s1,e11) The Listening Ear Sgt. Shull
May 29, 1976 ABC Good Heavens (s1,e8) Superscoop Pyle
January 2, 1977 NBC McMillan And Wife (s6,e2) Dark Sunrise Bernard McGavin
March 7, 1977 ABC Most Wanted (s1,e16) The Death Dealer Fred
October 25, 1977 ABC Three's Company (s2,e6) Alone Together Mr. Crawford
April 29, 1978 ABC Fantasy Island (s1,e11) Reunion / Anniversary Reverend Allen
March 9, 1979 NBC Turnabout (s1,e5) Till Dad Do Us Part Priest
March 30, 1979 CBS The Dukes Of Hazzard (s1,e8) The Big Heist Harvey Essex
January 17, 1980 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s5,e13) Diplomatic Immunity Dr. Gordon
March 13, 1980 CBS Barnaby Jones (s8,e20) The Silent Accuser Police Officer
October 6, 1980 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s7,e3) A New Beginning Jenkins
February 11, 1981 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s6,e11) Scream To The Skies Capt. Lawrence
April 16, 1981 NBC Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (s2,e11) The Dorian Secret Rand
October 13, 1981 ABC Too Close For Comfort (s2,e1) Guess Who's Coming To Burp? Doctor
April 4, 1982 NBC Father Murphy (s1,e20) The First Miracle (1) Spencer Nelson

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