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TV shows (1970-1982) in which Tom Atkins was a regular or semi-regular:

1970-1982 TV show guest appearances for Tom Atkins:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 11, 1974 ABC Get Christie Love (s1,e1) Market For Murder Peterson
September 27, 1974 NBC The Rockford Files (s1,e3) The Countess Lt. Diehl
October 14, 1974 CBS Rhoda (s1,e6) Pop Goes The Question Vic Rhodes
October 24, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e7) Shadows At Noon Sgt. Cole
October 31, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e8) Ballinger's Choice Sgt. Cole
November 7, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e9) Second Sight Sgt. Cole
November 14, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e10) Material Witness Sgt. Cole
December 26, 1974 ABC Harry O (s1,e13) Accounts Balanced Sgt. Cole
January 17, 1975 NBC The Rockford Files (s1,e15) Sleight Of Hand Lt. Diehl
February 21, 1975 NBC The Rockford Files (s1,e20) The Four Pound Brick Lt. Diehl
September 9, 1975 ABC The Rookies (s4,e1) Lamb To The Slaughter Brad Gifford
October 31, 1975 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s8,e9) Sing A Song Of Suspense Koko Apaleka
October 31, 1975 NBC The Rockford Files (s2,e7) The Real Easy Red Dog Lt. Diehl
January 23, 1976 NBC The Rockford Files (s2,e16) A Portrait Of Elizabeth Lt. Diehl
February 20, 1976 NBC The Rockford Files (s2,e20) Where's Houston? Lt. Diehl
September 30, 1977 NBC The Rockford Files (s4,e3) The Battle Of Canoga Park Lt. Diehl
November 4, 1977 NBC The Rockford Files (s4,e6) Requiem For A Funny Box Lt. Diehl
December 21, 1977 ABC Baretta (s4,e10) It Goes With The Job Vic
January 8, 1979 CBS Lou Grant (s2,e13) Fire Frank Durning
January 6, 1980 NBC Skag (s1,e1) Pilot Dr. Moscone
February 16, 1981 CBS Lou Grant (s4,e13) Strike Jim Bronsky
December 14, 1981 CBS Lou Grant (s5,e7) Drifters Dr. Sorenson
January 13, 1982 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s7,e10) Guns Don't Die John Todd
February 8, 1982 CBS M*A*S*H (s10,e14) The Tooth Shall Set You Free Major Weems
April 28, 1982 NBC Quincy, M.E. (s7,e22) The Last Of Leadbottom Commander Butler

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