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1970s TV shows in which Tom Simcox was a regular or semi-regular:

1970s TV show guest appearances for Tom Simcox:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 15, 1966 Gunsmoke (s12,e5) The Good People Seth Rucker
October 16, 1967 Gunsmoke (s13,e6) A Hat Jed Conniston / Ben Conniston
November 17, 1969 Gunsmoke (s15,e9) A Matter of Honor C.V. Fletcher
October 22, 1970 ABC Matt Lincoln (s1,e5) Jilly David Cunningham
September 23, 1971 CBS Bearcats! (s1,e2) Ground Loop At Spanish Wells Stengler
October 9, 1973 CBS Hawaii Five-O (s6,e5) The Sunday Torch Anthony Porter
November 3, 1973 NBC Emergency! (s3,e7) The Promotion Brad
March 4, 1974 CBS Gunsmoke (s19,e21) Trail Of Bloodshed Rance Woolfe
October 27, 1974 NBC Columbo (s4,e3) By Dawn's Early Light William Haynes
December 30, 1976 NBC Gibbsville (s1,e6) Afternoon Waltz Smith
October 26, 1977 ABC Charlie's Angels (s2,e6) Angel In Love Lon Molton
March 4, 1978 NBC Police Story (s5,e4) Day Of Terror, Night Of Fear Duval
March 9, 1978 ABC Baretta (s4,e18) The Appointment Anderson
January 4, 1979 NBC David Cassidy - Man Undercover (s1,e8) Teammates Dixon
January 4, 1980 ABC B.A.D. Cats (s1,e1) Pilot Jenkins
January 30, 1980 ABC Vega$ (s2,e15) The Magic Sister Slayings Mr. Gleaver
April 27, 1980 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s26,e15) The Secret Of Lost Valley (1)
May 4, 1980 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s26,e16) The Secret Of Lost Valley (2)

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