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1970s TV show guest appearances for Walter Burke:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
October 9, 1969 Daniel Boone (s6,e3) Benvenuto... Who? Hamel
October 12, 1969 The F.B.I. (s5,e5) Silent Partners Benny Logan
March 16, 1970 ABC It Takes A Thief (s3,e23) Beyond a Treasonable Doubt Stanley
March 18, 1970 NBC The Virginian (s8,e24) The Gift Billy Neal
February 26, 1971 ABC Love, American Style (s2,e51) Love And The Heist Doc
March 14, 1971 ABC The F.B.I. (s6,e25) The Natural Charlie Gallo
November 23, 1971 NBC Nichols (s1,e11) The One Eyed Mule's Time Has Come Hartford
December 29, 1971 ABC The Man And The City (s1,e14) Jennifer Tony Stapp
January 15, 1972 CBS Mission: Impossible (s6,e17) Image Nate Ullstead
February 9, 1972 NBC Night Gallery (s2,e53) Deliveries In The Rear Jameson
February 23, 1972 NBC Adam-12 (s4,e21) Back-Up One L-20 Billy Fuller
March 2, 1972 ABC Longstreet (s1,e23) The Sound Of Money Talking Virgil Willis
September 22, 1972 NBC Ghost Story (s1,e2) The Concrete Captain Daniel
October 31, 1972 NBC Bonanza (s14,e8) The 26th Grave Campbell
November 6, 1972 CBS The Doris Day Show (s5,e8) Jimmy The Gent Jimmy/George Callahan
January 5, 1973 ABC Love, American Style (s4,e51) Love And The Family Hour Angel
October 8, 1973 NBC Diana (s1,e5) Hanrahan's Rainbow Hanrahan
December 17, 1973 NBC Diana (s1,e13) Who's Minding The Cat? Mr. Hanrahan
January 23, 1976 NBC Police Story (s3,e16) The Other Side Of The Fence Riley
March 18, 1976 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s4,e23) Runaway Joey Collins
March 15, 1978 NBC The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams (s2,e18) The Littlest Greenhorn
February 27, 1980 NBC Hello, Larry (s2,e14) The Neighbor Dies Mr. Vandervellen

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