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1970s TV show guest appearances for William Bramley:

(Episodes with dates prior to 1970 aired as reruns during the '70s.)

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Original Air DateNetShow NameEpisode NameCharacter Name
September 25, 1963 The Virginian (s2,e2) To Make This Place Remember Charlie Tressider
December 2, 1968 Gunsmoke (s14,e10) The Miracle Man Miller
October 13, 1969 Love, American Style (s1,e8) Love And The Phone Booth
October 26, 1969 Land Of The Giants (s2,e6) Giants And All That Jazz P.G. Hanley
November 30, 1969 The F.B.I. (s5,e12) The Inside Man Howard Spain
December 15, 1969 My World And Welcome To It (s1,e14) Rally Round The Flag Beeman
January 6, 1970 NBC Julia (s2,e15) The Prisoner Of Brenda Stanley Maguire
April 9, 1970 NBC Ironside (s3,e25) Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us Ken Hansen
October 14, 1970 ABC Room 222 (s2,e4) Adam's Lib Coach Windisch
December 27, 1970 NBC Bonanza (s12,e14) For A Young Lady Gifford Owens
March 17, 1971 ABC Room 222 (s2,e23) You Can Take A Boy Out Of The Country But... Mr. Windisch
October 7, 1971 CBS Bearcats! (s1,e4) The Feathered Serpent Mr. Overton
October 21, 1971 NBC Nichols (s1,e6) Deer Crossing Hemmings
December 7, 1971 CBS Cannon (s1,e12) Death Is A Double Cross Lt. Egan
February 4, 1972 CBS O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (s1,e18) Operation: Dorias Grover Potter
February 24, 1972 ABC Longstreet (s1,e22) Through Shattering Glass Ames
March 26, 1972 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s18,e18) Michael O'Hara The Fourth (1) Commissioner
April 2, 1972 NBC Bonanza (s13,e26) One Ace Too Many Dan Fowler
April 2, 1972 NBC Wonderful World Of Disney (s18,e19) Michael O'Hara The Fourth (2) Commissioner
April 15, 1972 NBC Emergency! (s1,e11) Crash Sam
September 26, 1972 NBC Bonanza (s14,e4) The Initiation Lumis
November 16, 1972 ABC The Delphi Bureau (s1,e3) The White Plague Project Dr. Kantor
January 4, 1973 NBC Ironside (s6,e14) Ollinger's Last Case Bert Martin
February 1, 1973 CBS The Waltons (s1,e19) The Gypsies Matt Beckwith
February 5, 1973 CBS Gunsmoke (s18,e20) Whelan's Men Loomis
April 5, 1973 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s1,e26) The Unicorn Officer Morgan
September 23, 1973 CBS Barnaby Jones (s2,e2) Death Leap Mike
December 2, 1973 NBC McCloud (s4,e2) The Solid Gold Swingers Sgt. Reese
September 26, 1974 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e3) Target: Red John Condon
October 8, 1974 NBC Adam-12 (s7,e3) Teamwork Fred Culligan
November 6, 1974 NBC Petrocelli (s1,e8) Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Milton Daniels
February 26, 1975 NBC Petrocelli (s1,e18) The Outsiders Cyrus Mitchell
March 13, 1975 ABC The Streets Of San Francisco (s3,e23) Solitaire Condon
April 15, 1975 CBS Barnaby Jones (s3,e24) Bond Of Fear Sheriff Lunceford
September 8, 1975 ABC Barbary Coast (s1,e1) Funny Money Hatch
December 2, 1976 CBS Barnaby Jones (s5,e7) Voice In The Night Sheriff Perry
February 23, 1981 NBC Little House On The Prairie (s7,e19) Blind Justice Jed Finley
October 22, 1982 CBS The Dukes Of Hazzard (s5,e5) The Hazzardgate Tape Boss Bowman

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