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Saturday March 27, 1971
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This Day In 1970's History: Saturday March 27, 1971
  • U.S. forces have withdrawn from bases in northern South Vietnam. Pentagon officials stated that the U.S. will not participate in future operations equivalent to the one in Laos. Defense Secretary Laird says that he never was excited about the Laos operation and is even less so now. Officials are disappointed that South Vietnam didn't send reinforcements to confront the enemy, but they claim that the North Vietnamese suffered heavy casualties and the Laos operation probably prevented a Communist offensive this summer.

    Near Khe Sanh, four soldiers from a company which refused orders to fight last week were killed in an ambush last night. [CBS]

  • The jury asked to have more testimony re-read during their 11th day of deliberations in Lt. William Calley's trial. [CBS]
  • The U.S. called off the Paris Peace Talk session scheduled for next Thursday, in retaliation for the Communist boycott last week. [CBS]
  • Secretary of State Rogers said in a foreign policy report that the Nixon administration has the U.S. on the road out of the Vietnam war. Rogers is trying to gain mass support for "Vietnamization" and a lower U.S. profile throughout the world. [CBS]
  • In St. Louis, the Democratic Governors Conference called for greater input into the national Democratic party. Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel said that governors want to play a role in the affairs of the national party instead of finding out after things happen. The governors will meet with Democratic party chairman Lawrence O'Brien tomorrow. [CBS]
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