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Monday February 9, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Monday February 9, 1970:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Gunsmoke: Albert Here's Lucy: Lucy And Wally Cox Mayberry R.F.D.: Goober's Brother The Doris Day Show: Kidnapped The Carol Burnett Show
ABC It Takes A Thief: Situation Red Movie: The Oscar (1966)
NBC My World And Welcome To It: The Wooing Of Mr. Monroe Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: Episode #61 Movie: The Satan Bug (1965)

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] Gunsmoke [Reg]: Albert
Season 15, episode 20
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With L.Q. Jones (Nix), Dorothy Neumann (Emily Cushing), Robert Random (Tom Clark), William Schallert (Jake Spence), Roy Roberts (Mr. Bodkin), Patricia Barry (Kate Schiller), Milton Selzer (Albert Schiller), Natalie Masters (Mrs. Bodkin).
Bank teller Albert Schiller impulsively steals money during a foiled holdup, then is faced with the return of the empty-handed robbers he blamed the loss on.

[ABC 7:30] It Takes A Thief [Reg]: Situation Red
Season 3, episode 19
W: Glen A. Larson   D: Joseph Sargent

With George Murdock (Devon), Earl Holliman (Major McCoy), Barry Sullivan (General Wiley), G.D. Spradlin (Colonel Collins), Michael Walker (Dawson), Bartlett Robinson (Flight Surgeon), Michael Bow (Castle), Robert Palmer (Peters), Michael Donnen (Rose), Gary Van Orman (Henderson), James McEachin (Wills), William Conrad (Voice of the Countdown).
When Alexander Mundy's lock-picking ability fails him, his acting skill is called into play to stop an already-launched nuclear bomber attack.

[NBC 7:30] My World And Welcome To It [Reg]: The Wooing Of Mr. Monroe
Season 1, episode 22
W: Laurence Marks   D: James Sheldon

With Neva Patterson (Dorothy Carter).
Ellen Monroe suspects that husband John's collaboration with a woman writer in her apartment goes further than just work.

[NBC 8:00] Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In [Reg]: Episode #61
Season 3, episode 21
W: Allan Manings, Jim Mulligan, Coslough Johnson, Jeremy Lloyd, et al   D: Mark Warren

With Art Metrano, Andy Williams, Greer Garson, Jim Backus, Carl Reiner.
Carl Reiner is spotlighted. Highlights: entire cast participates in Laugh-In -- Russian style; Reiner does a toupee commercial; Gen. Bull Right sounds off on officers and men; Dick Martin introduces a new dance.

[CBS 8:30] Here's Lucy [Reg]: Lucy And Wally Cox
Season 2, episode 21
W: Ray Singer, Milt Josefsberg   D: Jay Sandrich

With Wally Cox (Wally Manley), Alan Hale Jr. (Moose Manley), Gil Perkins (Babyface Johnson), Boyd 'Red' Morgan (Stuntman), Chuck Hicks (Crook), X Brands (Lefty Logan), Harvey Stone (Waiter).
Lucy decides to instill a little courage in detective Moose Manley's timid, full-grown son.

[ABC 8:30] Movie: The Oscar (1966)
W: Harlan Ellison, Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene   D: Russell Rouse

With Stephen Boyd, Elke Sommer, Milton Berle, Tony Bennett, Eleanor Parker, Jill St. John, Joseph Cotten, Edie Adams, Broderick Crawford, Jack Soo, Ed Begley, Ernest Borgnine.
On an Academy Award night in Hollywood, the favorite nominee is watched by friends who started with him, helped him and were trod on by him in his quest for stardom.

[CBS 9:00] Mayberry R.F.D. [Reg]: Goober's Brother
Season 2, episode 19
W: John McGreevey   D: Hal Cooper

With Charles Lampkin (Ralph), Linda Meiklejohn (Waitress), Tom Palmer (Reynolds), Woodrow Parfrey (Braden Pyle), Albert Popwell (Hayes).
Goober's big brother pays a visit to Mayberry after 14 years and Goober decides to show him all he's accomplished.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: The Satan Bug (1965)
W: James Clavell, Enward Anhalt   D: John Sturges

With George Maharis, Richard Basehart, Anne Francis, Dana Andrews, Edward Asner, Frank Sutton, John Larkin, Richard Bull, Simon Oakland, John Anderson.
A former Army intelligence officer is recalled to find flasks of a deadly virus stolen by a mad millionaire who threatens the entire population of Los Angeles.

[CBS 9:30] The Doris Day Show [Reg]: Kidnapped
Season 2, episode 18
W: Douglas Tibbles   D: Coby Ruskin

With Kaye Ballard (Flossie Moore), Bruce Gordon (Barney Moore), Avery Schreiber (Warren Coleman), Hagen Smith (Lefty Watson), Gene Dynarski (Lefty Kretch), Scott Perry (Detective).
Doris goes by to pick up an article exposing a gangster and gets herself kidnapped along with a very nervous writer.

[CBS 10:00] The Carol Burnett Show [Reg]
Season 3, episode 18

With Steve Lawrence, Tim Conway, Kay Medford, Ken Berry.
The entire cast take part in a vaudeville spoof; Miss Burnett and Berry, as a mismatched couple, perform a love-song medley.

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