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Friday March 13, 1970
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News stories from Friday March 13, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • The Cambodian government demanded the withdrawal of all Communist forces from the country. Prince Sihanouk issued a warning to the Soviets, saying that conservatives may take over Cambodia if Communists remain. [CBS]
  • Capt. Ernest Medina, who is accused of crimes at My Lai, admitted one murder but denied others. Medina blames the Vietnamese for the My Lai deaths. [CBS]
  • The Nixon administration changed its position on the repeal of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. It was against it, now is neutral. [CBS]
  • A Soviet spokesman denied a rumor that some Russian leaders may be removed. [CBS]
  • Environmental lawsuits: The Wisconsin Attorney General filed a suit against auto manufacturers' alleged conspiracy to delay the installation of anti-pollution devices in cars; the federal government is suing Florida Power and Light for thermal pollution of Biscayne Bay; Florida has sued the Humble Oil Company for the Tampa Bay oil spill; oyster fishermen are suing Chevron Oil and the federal government for $31 million damage to oyster beds by a 26-mile-long oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico; Interior Secretary Walter Hickel and the state of Louisiana may sue Chevron for violating federal regulations. [CBS]
  • Bomb scares and explosions shook cities across the nation today. A Pittsburgh shopping center, a Lawrence College ROTC classroom and a high school in Appleton, Wisconsin, were bombed; no injuries were reported. New York City police received bomb threats every six minutes. [CBS]
  • In Jacksonville, Florida, a junior high school is torn by racial trouble; 75 policemen were needed to break up a massive fight over the junior high school's integration. There were three injuries and five arrests. The school was then closed, but is scheduled to reopen on Monday. [CBS]
  • President Nixon paid a surprise visit to a Washington, DC, technical school, talking to students and teachers of the predominantly black school. Some chanted anti-Vietnam and anti-Carswell slogans as the President left. [CBS]
  • President Nixon is seeking congressional legislation to safeguard private pension plans covering 50 million Americans. [CBS]
  • The Senate passed a five-year extension of the 1965 Voting Rights bill with clauses giving 18-year-olds the vote and prohibiting literacy tests. [CBS]
  • Former President Lyndon Johnson returned home after a 12-day hospital stay. Doctors predicted continued improvement. [CBS]
  • San Francisco city workers are on strike; transportation stops and schools are closed. Five unions walked out and other municipal workers won't cross picket lines. [CBS]
  • The state of Pennsylvania charged a fifth person, local United Mine Workers president Silous Huddleston, with the 1969 murders of Joseph Yablonski and his family. [CBS]
  • NASA reported that moon dust kills three different kinds of bacteria. The American Cancer Society wants a sample for testing. [CBS]
  • A CBS poll shows a 9% drop in President Nixon's popularity since November, 1969. [CBS]

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Dow Jones Industrial Average: 772.11 (-4.36, -0.56%)
S&P Composite: 87.86 (-0.47, -0.53%)
Arms Index: 1.71

Total Volume9.56
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March 12, 1970776.4788.339.14
March 11, 1970778.1288.699.18
March 10, 1970779.7088.759.45
March 9, 1970778.3188.519.76
March 6, 1970784.1289.4410.98
March 5, 1970787.5590.0011.37
March 4, 1970788.1590.0411.85
March 3, 1970787.4290.2311.70
March 2, 1970780.2389.7112.27
February 27, 1970777.5989.5012.89

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