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Tuesday March 24, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Tuesday March 24, 1970:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Eskimo - Fight For Life The Red Skelton Show: San Fernando's Spy School or How To Make A Possible Mission Impossible The Governor & J.J.: Charley's Back In Town 60 Minutes
ABC The Mod Squad: Call Back Yesterday Movie: Three's A Crowd (1969) Marcus Welby, M.D.: Enid
NBC I Dream Of Jeannie: An Astronaut In Sheep's Clothing The Debbie Reynolds Show: The Producer Julia: Sara's Second Part (2) Movie: Exodus, part two (1960)

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] The Eskimo - Fight For Life
The preliterate culture of the Netsilik Eskimos is the subject of a documentary study by the Education Development Center in cooperation with the National Film Board of Canada. Robert M. Young, director, writer and producer of the hour, accompanied the Netsilik group on foot from its small missionary community at Pelly Bay, located approximately 200 miles above the North Magnetic Pole in Canada's Northwest Territories, over the sea ice to the whale-hunting camp.

[ABC 7:30] The Mod Squad [Reg]: Call Back Yesterday
Season 2, episode 24
D: Gene Nelson

With Morgan Sterne (Howard Allen), James Farley (Anderson), Anita Louise (Grace Cochran), Edmon Ryan (Bob Allen), Mark Goddard (Doug Allen), Margot Kidder (Claire Allen).
The young undercover trio investigate when Pete's former girlfriend asks his help after she's prevented from seeing her father.

[NBC 7:30] I Dream Of Jeannie [Reg]: An Astronaut In Sheep's Clothing
Season 5, episode 23
W: James Henerson   D: Bruce Kessler

With Don Dubbins (Commander Jay Russell).
Jeannie's efforts towards Tony's anniversary present upset her husband -- and the rest of NASA.

[NBC 8:00] The Debbie Reynolds Show [Reg]: The Producer
Season 1, episode 25

With Roy Fitzell (Clown), Winifred Coffin (Grandma Morton).
A PTA talent show sets the scene for mishaps as Charlotte is appointed producer and asks for Debbie's help.

[CBS 8:30] The Red Skelton Show: San Fernando's Spy School or How To Make A Possible Mission Impossible
Season 19, episode 26
W: Seaman Jacobs, Red Skelton

With Billy Barty, Beverly Powers, Ralph Young, Tony Sandler.
Sandler and Young pose as students in a phony spy school run by San Fernando Red; Silent Spot features Skelton as a hung over conventioneer; Sandler and Young perform "Feelin' Groovy" and "Love of the Common People".

[ABC 8:30] Movie: Three's A Crowd (1969)
W: Nate Monaster, Harry Winkler   D: Harry Falk

With Larry Hagman, Jessica Walter, E.J. Peaker, Harvey Korman, Norman Fell, Stu Gilliam, Shelley Morrison.
A young cargo pilot suddenly finds himself married to two women and decides to take advantage of the situation.

[NBC 8:30] Julia [Reg]: Sara's Second Part (2)
Season 2, episode 26
W: Hal Kanter   D: Bernard Wiesen

With Diana Sands (Cousin Sara), Sugar Ray Robinson (Clyde Porter), Peter Haskell (Kevin Grant), Jerry Hausner (Lem Waley), Tommy Farrell (Director), Michael Donnen (Scott).
Julia's cousin Sara decides to make a career of playing dead bodies.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Exodus, part two (1960)
W: Dalton Trumbo   D: Otto Preminger

With Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb, Sal Mineo, John Derek.
Part two of the movie stresses the hardships and strengths of Jewish refugees in the new Israel.

[CBS 9:30] The Governor & J.J. [Reg]: Charley's Back In Town
Season 1, episode 25
W: George Kirgo   D: Jay Sandrich

With Tom Ewell (Charley), Michael Fox (Abel Mellon), Francis DeSales (Senator Loomis), Calvin Rampton (Governor of Utah).
J.J.'s enthusiastic Uncle Charley, a toy inventor, finally comes up with a great idea but can't find a backer.

[CBS 10:00] 60 Minutes
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are interviewed at Miss Taylor's mother's home in Bel Air, Calif., by Charles Collingwood. Another segment finds correspondent Harry Reasoner in Israel, reporting on the status of the war firsthand and interviewing Prime Minister Golda Meir as well as a minority member of Parliament, Uri Avneri, who opposes the hard line Israel is taking. A third segment presents an investigative report on the safety of the automobile at the time of purchase.

[ABC 10:00] Marcus Welby, M.D. [Reg]: Enid
Season 1, episode 25
W: David Moessinger   D: Herschel Daugherty

With Flora Plumb (Enid Cooper), Ezekial Williams (Paul Davidson), Steven Share (Tim Gleason), Rockne Tarkington (Frank Davidson).
Enid Cooper, a counselor in an orphanage, is responsible for the injury of one of her charges while she's driving under the influence of narcotics.

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