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Saturday May 23, 1970
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News stories from Saturday May 23, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • South Vietnam sent 7,000 more troops into Cambodia, where they liberated Cambodian prisoners of the Viet Cong. South Vietnamese troops with American advisers and air support easily beat the V.C. The South Vietnamese army looks good compared to the Cambodian army. Senator Hugh Scott said he believes that South Vietnam won't stay in Cambodia much longer. [CBS]
  • Lebanon reported that Israelis are massing along the border. The Lebanese fear reprisals for the Israeli school bus ambush yesterday. [CBS]
  • Senator George McGovern, UAW president Leonard Woodcock and Mrs. Martin Luther King joined a protest march in Atlanta. A peaceful crowd of 5,000 heard speeches at Morehouse College. Senator McGovern denounced the administration and praised dissenters. Ralph Abernathy listed President Nixon and Spiro Agnew among his 10 most unwanted politicians. [CBS]
  • Walls and windows from a Jackson State College dormitory were taken as murder evidence. The National Guard and police supervised the work; students were peaceful. The FBI received the evidence directly, avoiding the use of local Mississippi forces. [CBS]
  • Samuel C. Jackson, a black U.S. Housing and Urban Development assistant secretary, criticized Nixon administration policy. Jackson said that the administration's attitude promotes dissent and discrimination. [CBS]
  • Rep. Carl Albert said that he can't recall greater hate and disunity in America than we have now, created by war and the economic situation. Senator William Fulbright claims that active, organized and non-violent dissent is the only force working to restrain the administration. [CBS]
  • President Nixon rerouted a nerve gas shipment from Okinawa to Kodiak Island, Alaska. [CBS]
  • The Connecticut state insurance commissioner is allowing ITT's $1.5 billion merger offer to the Hartford Fire Insurance Company which, if it occurs, will be the biggest U.S. corporate merger ever. [CBS]
  • The student movement is beginning to work within the system to effect change. Princeton University students have cut their hair to improve their political efficacy; they call themselves the Movement for a New Congress. They want the war to end and are using a university computer to check Congressional voting records. These students want to cause change before radicals get the upper hand. [CBS]
  • The IRS is investigating the effect of universities' antiwar efforts on their tax-exempt status. Senator Strom Thurmond asked for the move. [CBS]

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