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Monday July 13, 1970
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News stories from Monday July 13, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban urged the United Arab Republic to prepare for negotiations, and said that Israel won't yield any occupied land until a treaty is signed. Eban also charged that the USSR plans to dominate the Mediterranean.

    President Nixon and his top advisers are discussing increasing jet sales to Israel. [CBS]

  • The White House hasn't received information regarding the Soviet plan for peace in Indochina; India reports that the USSR wants a Geneva-type conference. [CBS]
  • The United States will withdraw approximately 20,000 troops from South Korea, but Korea's Premier says that his government will resign if a pullout is made. The South Korean army is too weak for a possible confrontation with North Korea. [CBS]
  • 2,400 U.S. troops left the Vietnam war zone last week; 411,500 remain. [CBS]
  • Military commanders is Saigon reported that enemy activity around Saigon and in Cambodia is down 30%. [CBS]
  • The recently-released North Vietnamese POWs displayed distaste for the South Vietnamese regime. 62 disabled soldiers and 24 fishermen were released; the prisoners of war said that the U.S. is the only foreign country fighting in Vietnam. The government of North Vietnam won't admit that its troops are in South Vietnam, and won't welcome the returning POW's. [CBS]
  • Protestants marched in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as troops kept order. 100,000 marched, as an affront to the Catholic minority. 12,000 British troops and 6,000 police kept the peace. Pubs were closed and the parade route was changed to avoid Catholic areas. [CBS]
  • West German Chancellor Willy Brandt and Pope Paul discussed improving relations with East Germany; Pope Paul wishes Brandt luck. [CBS]
  • The jury has been selected for Charles Manson's murder trial: seven men and five women, with an average age of 45. Publicity and hardship excluded many jurors. The trial begins next week. [CBS]
  • Senator Edward Brooke was jostled by New Bedford, Massachusetts, blacks as he toured a race-riot torn section and was called "Uncle Tom". [CBS]
  • Justice Department civil rights director Jerris Leonard gave Congress his report on school desegregation; Senate critics voiced their objections, and Senator Walter Mondale criticized the administration's desegregation policy. Leonard says that the Nixon administration is fighting for desegregation, not full integration. [CBS]
  • FBI director J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panthers the most dangerous and violent extremist group in the United States, and he blamed foreign influences for American extremism. [CBS]
  • Nader's Raiders are turning their attention to ecology. In Savannah, Georgia, the city preserves beauty but pollutes the Savannah River. A paper mill dumps organic waste, and other companies pour acid into the river. Mayor J.C. Lewis says that cities like Savannah are waiting for state and federal governments to assume their share of the financial burden for cleaning up pollution. Nader Raider James Fallows calls Savannah a typical case study -- trying to get Southern states to preserve beauty in the face of increasing industry. [CBS]
  • President Nixon will meet with Appalachian governors tomorrow. [CBS]
  • Whittier College class of '34 held its reunion at the White House; 55 graduates attended. Some say that class member Richard Nixon was a loner, but hard-working. His college girlfriend was a Democrat.

    Nixon was a student radical, bringing dancing to the school, and he was student body president. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 702.22 (+2.12, +0.30%)
S&P Composite: 74.48 (-0.09, -0.12%)
Arms Index: 1.11

Total Volume7.45
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July 2, 1970689.1472.928.44
July 1, 1970687.6473.048.61
June 30, 1970683.5372.729.28
June 29, 1970682.9172.898.77
June 26, 1970687.8473.479.16

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