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Tuesday July 14, 1970
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News stories from Tuesday July 14, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Secretary of State William Rogers returned from his Asian tour and reported that the Cambodian invasion increased China's influence in Hanoi at the expense of the Soviets. China wants the war to continue; Rogers thinks that the war is no closer to ending. [CBS]
  • The congressional committee investigating the 1968 My Lai massacre released its report. The committee criticized the Army for attempting to cover up the My Lai incident and charged that the Army hampered Congress' investigation. The report states that the tragedy included the willful murder of civilians, and it suggests changing military court laws, providing new training, and having independent investigators look into incidents such as this. [CBS]
  • Cambodians are fighting to recapture a resort village 50 miles from Phnom Penh. [CBS]
  • President Nixon will appoint Emory C. Swank as the first U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia since 1965. [CBS]
  • Israeli jets hit Egyptian positions along the Suez Canal. [CBS]
  • Appalachian governors asked President Nixon to expand the aid program to the national level; the President campaigned in Louisville today and made a "non-political" speech before a cheering crowd of 20,000, as he is trying to escape the isolation of Washington. [CBS]
  • White House aide has Richard Blumenthal rejected the President's offer to head VISTA. [CBS]
  • The Senate approved a $1 billion population control program to teach birth control to the poor; the program includes free contraceptives for all. [CBS]
  • Attorney General John Mitchell held a news conference and set a deadline of August 3 for compliance with the new Voting Rights Bill. The bill ends literacy tests, residency requirements and gives 18-year-olds the vote. [CBS]
  • The Air Pollution Control Commission reports that 1970 auto emissions are too high, and blames government test devices. Pollution standards will be corrected by 1972. [CBS]
  • Interior Secretary Walter Hickel has ordered a search in order to find industries which are causing mercury pollution in water; the Justice Department will then sue the polluters. [CBS]
  • Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a papyrus boat; he reported finding much pollution in the ocean. [CBS]
  • The "Columbia Eagle" mutineers are imprisoned by the Cambodian government. Clyde McKay and Alvin Glatkowski have been confined to a prison ship since March. Glatkowski said that he isn't sorry for his actions and wants to help revolution take place in the United States; McKay regrets that they didn't do it sooner, and he doesn't plan to return to the U.S. unless the government is radically changed. [CBS]
  • An iron freighter sunk in the St. Lawrence Seaway, leaving nine persons dead. There were 12 survivors. [CBS]
  • Retired Army General Leslie Groves has died at 73; he headed the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

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S&P Composite: 74.42 (-0.06, -0.08%)
Arms Index: 1.27

Total Volume7.36
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Market Index Trends
July 13, 1970702.2274.487.45
July 10, 1970700.1074.5710.16
July 9, 1970692.7774.0612.82
July 8, 1970682.0973.0010.97
July 7, 1970669.3671.2310.47
July 6, 1970675.6671.789.34
July 2, 1970689.1472.928.44
July 1, 1970687.6473.048.61
June 30, 1970683.5372.729.28
June 29, 1970682.9172.898.77

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