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Saturday July 18, 1970
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News stories from Saturday July 18, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • President Nixon blasted the spending policies of the Democrat-controlled Congress; Republicans will campaign this election year on economic issues. The President blames Congress for inflation; presidential adviser George Shultz claims that the economy is improving and he doesn't want Congress to blow it.

    House Majority Leader Carl Albert said that President Nixon is trying to veil his own disastrous economic policies. [CBS]

  • U.S. Marines swept South Vietnam near the demilitarized zone to destroy supply depots for enemy base camps. In the Mekong Delta the Viet Cong have changed their strategy, using guerrilla terrorism instead of major attacks. [CBS]
  • An Israeli jet was downed in a raid on Egypt's Suez Canal positions. [CBS]
  • President Nixon says that he supports the proposed non-aggression pact between West Germany and the Soviet Union. [CBS]
  • British royalty continued their United States tour. Prince Charles and Princess Anne enjoyed a White House rock concert, Charles visited a wildlife test center, and both took in a baseball game. Charles and Anne fly home to England tonight. [CBS]
  • Senator Mike Mansfield predicts that Senator Strom Thurmond's attack on President Nixon's southern policy will help Democrats in the South; the President's "southern strategy" is wearing thin.

    The IRS has granted tax exemptions to six southern private schools which promised to desegregate. [CBS]

  • Two Chicago policemen were sniped to death; the ghetto "walk and talk" program is sparking controversy. The program endangers cops on the beat. Fraternal Order of Police president Joseph Lefevour says that "animals" murdered the policemen, and he is outraged. Police superintendent James Conlisk says that people are interested in the program, therefore it will continue.

    A door-to-door search of the area where the policemen were killed yielded weapons; police roughed up the arrested suspects. [CBS]

  • A gas storage tank explosion in Athens, Georgia has left hundreds homeless. Damage is estimated at over $1 million, and 37 people were injured. [CBS]
  • 65-year-old Karl Wallenda walked across a 1,000 foot cable suspended over a 700 foot gorge in Tallulah Falls, Georgia and did two headstands en route. [CBS]
  • NFL veterans won't report to football camps until pension matters are settled; only rookies have reported. Many of the rookies believe that they have a good opportunity due to the absence of veterans, but few will likely survive the final cuts if the vets return. [CBS]
  • Youngsters converged on Love Valley, North Carolina, where Mayor Andy Barker invited youths to a rock festival. The Mayor wants a good atmosphere for youth, not hostility; he believes that "good vibes" aid understanding. 50,000 people heard music and took drugs; the crowd was happy and left the town unscarred. [CBS]

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