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Thursday August 13, 1970
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News stories from Thursday August 13, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Federal Power Commission chairman John Nassikas claims that power needs are more important than environmental protection, but the President's Science and Technology Office says that power plants shouldn't disturb the environment.

    The Senate rejected an attempt to force the Pentagon to consider the environment when selecting sites for weapons systems. [CBS]

  • The Campus Unrest Commission has ended their hearings at Jackson State College. The Mississippi Highway Patrol claims that a sniper sparked the police volley which resulted in the deaths of two students. Commission members severely criticized the police action. [CBS]
  • Murder charges against Linda Kasabian have been dropped; she is out of jail but has 24-hour police protection. Charles Manson says that jail officials are harassing him. [CBS]
  • Georgia Governor Lester Maddox granted a license for a Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier boxing match in Atlanta. [CBS]
  • Israel charged that the United Arab Republic moved SAMs closer to the Suez Canal after the cease-fire, and demands that the U.S. force Egypt to remove those missiles. The United Arab Republic denied the charge. Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin says that the United States is responsible for policing the cease-fire. [CBS]
  • North Vietnam's top negotiator is scheduled to return to the Paris Peace Talks soon. [CBS]
  • Vice President Spiro Agnew leaves on a tour of Southeast Asia beginning August 22.

    Thailand reported that the U.S. agreed to pay Thai troops to fight in Cambodia; U.S. officials won't comment on the report. [CBS]

  • French President George Pompidou will meet with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin in Moscow; Kosygin and President Nixon are scheduled to meet this fall. [CBS]
  • The House overrode President Nixon's veto of the education bill, but sustained his veto of the housing bill. The education bill will help more Congressional districts than the housing bill would have. Congress will now begin working on new appropriation bills. [CBS]
  • Democrats introduced a bill to make presidential election day a national holiday. [CBS]
  • The Census Bureau reports that cities are getting smaller. The House has begun an investigation of the 1970 Census. [CBS]
  • Attorney General John Mitchell defended the administration's desegregation policies before the Senate. Senator Jacob Javits said that he wants the administration to vow to eliminate segregation in schools and to accept complaints from blacks. Senator John McClellan stated that the administration has a double standard regarding national desegregation. [CBS]
  • An Army lawyer reports the one nerve gas coffin being buried at sea is more deadly than the others, but the Army doesn't know which one. [CBS]
  • Government auditors reported that Interior Secretary Walter Hickel spent $40,000 to redecorate his office. [CBS]
  • General Motors has paid Ralph Nader $425,000 to settle his $25 million invasion of privacy suit. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 707.35 (-3.29, -0.46%)
S&P Composite: 74.76 (-0.66, -0.88%)
Arms Index: 1.62

Total Volume8.65
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August 12, 1970710.6475.427.44
August 11, 1970712.5575.827.33
August 10, 1970713.9276.207.58
August 7, 1970725.7077.289.37
August 6, 1970722.8277.087.56
August 5, 1970724.8177.187.66
August 4, 1970725.9077.198.31
August 3, 1970722.9677.027.65
July 31, 1970734.1278.0511.64
July 30, 1970734.7378.0710.43

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