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Monday August 24, 1970
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News stories from Monday August 24, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • A blast ripped through the University of Wisconsin Math Research Center, killing one person and injuring three. The building, which was extensively damaged, housed an Army research center; the FBI is investigating. University of Wisconsin president Fred Harrington says that he wants universities to be opened in the fall without violence, but he will allow protests. Today's bombing represents a radical escalation of "protest."

    Elsewhere, 13 blacks in Omaha were arrested for a booby-trap that killed a policeman on Monday. [CBS]

  • A Pan Am jet aborted its trip when a caller claimed there was a bomb aboard and he would reveal its location for $100,000; it's unknown whether the ransom was paid or a bomb was found. [CBS]
  • Mideast peace talks begin tomorrow in New York City. U.N. mediator Gunnar Jarring said that he has no guidelines, and will feel his way along.

    The United Arab Republic charged Israel with fortifying their Suez Canal positions inside the cease-fire zone. [CBS]

  • Vice President Spiro Agnew reported that the U.S. will increase air support and military aid to South Korea. [CBS]
  • American B-52s bombed positions near the demilitarized zone in Vietnam; In Cambodia, Communists moved nearer to Phnom Penh. Cambodian troops swept the outskirts and evacuated nearby villages. [CBS]
  • Schools in San Antonio, Texas, reopened today after students were immunized against diphtheria. There have been 66 cases in Texas this year. [CBS]
  • Union leader Cesar Chavez has called strikes against Salinas, California, lettuce farms. [CBS]
  • Participants in the Clean Air Race have left Massachusetts for Pasadena, California. Students modified cars for the 3,600-mile race; the winner will be the first one to Pasadena with the least pollution. Various engines and fuels are being used. Race chairman Robert McGregor says that he wants pollution controls instituted on all cars, and legislation to require it. The auto industry is giving help and money to the Clean Air Race. [CBS]
  • Prison officials claim that Charles Manson had LSD in his jail cell; a judge denied a motion that tight prison security around Manson be eased. [CBS]
  • Pan Am didn't pay ransom for the bomb-threatened flight reported earlier; there was no bomb on board. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 759.58 (+14.17, +1.90%)
S&P Composite: 80.99 (+1.75, +2.21%)
Arms Index: 0.77

Total Volume18.91
* in millions of shares

Arms Index is the ratio of volume per declining issue to volume per advancing issue; a figure below 1.0 is bullish.

Market Index Trends
August 21, 1970745.4179.2413.42
August 20, 1970729.6077.6410.17
August 19, 1970723.9976.969.87
August 18, 1970716.6676.209.50
August 17, 1970709.0675.336.94
August 14, 1970710.8475.187.85
August 13, 1970707.3574.768.64
August 12, 1970710.6475.427.44
August 11, 1970712.5575.827.33
August 10, 1970713.9276.207.58

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