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Friday September 11, 1970
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News stories from Friday September 11, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • The Palestinian hijackers agreed to release the hostages and revise their demands; some passengers had already been freed. Conditions on the hijacked planes have become intolerable. [CBS]
  • President Nixon has put armed guards on American international flights, and the administration is seeking an international boycott of countries which are harboring hijackers. Nixon is incensed and demands action from the United Arab Republic, Lebanon and Jordan. [CBS]
  • Hurricane Ella is approaching southern Texas; people are leaving their homes. In Brownsville, stores are boarded up and people are preparing for shortages. [CBS]
  • President Nixon has asked Congress to act on administration proposals; Democrats called the move a campaign ploy. [CBS]
  • The Public Works Commission has set a five-year deadline for non-polluting autos; the administration can extend the deadline for one year. [CBS]
  • General Motors improved their contract offer to the United Auto Workers, but the UAW rejected it. The union may strike on Monday. [CBS]
  • Volkswagen announced that it will introduce a cheaper car model in the U.S. market. [CBS]
  • The Agriculture Department predicts that this year's corn crop will be down 6% from their prior estimate due to blight; corn prices may soar in six months. [CBS]
  • Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black denied a stay of extradition stay for Charles Watson; Watson was taken from Texas to California to stand trial for the Sharon Tate-Leno LaBianca murders. [CBS]
  • Berkeley, California, real estate man Jack Setzer may have been kidnapped by radical rent strikers. Setzer is the president of the Berkeley Realtors Board; a telephone caller said that he's got Setzer. [CBS]
  • Actor Chester Morris died today from of an overdose of barbiturates at age 69. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 761.84 (+1.09, +0.14%)
S&P Composite: 82.52 (+0.22, +0.27%)
Arms Index: 0.71

Total Volume12.15
* in millions of shares

Arms Index is the ratio of volume per declining issue to volume per advancing issue; a figure below 1.0 is bullish.

Market Index Trends
September 10, 1970760.7582.3011.90
September 9, 1970766.4382.7916.25
September 8, 1970773.1483.0417.11
September 4, 1970771.1582.8315.36
September 3, 1970765.2782.0914.11
September 2, 1970756.6480.969.71
September 1, 1970758.1580.9510.44
August 31, 1970764.5881.5210.74
August 28, 1970765.8181.8613.82
August 27, 1970759.7981.0812.44

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