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Sunday September 13, 1970
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News stories from Sunday September 13, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Israel has rounded up 450 Arabs as members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in order to force hijackers to release hostages. In Jordan, Arabs blew up three jets worth $30 million; the Red Cross has left the negotiations. [CBS]
  • Cambodians besieged a Communist-held town as the U.S. gave air support; there was heavy fighting in South Vietnam near the DMZ. [CBS]
  • The United Auto Workers met to decide which auto manufacturer to hit. The union decided that it will strike General Motors; the UAW wants unlimited cost of living increases. [CBS]
  • Railroads, the Labor Department and four unions are seeking to avert a strike tomorrow. [CBS]
  • A presidential commission said that although the United Nations has been worthwhile, it isn't strong enough to handle a major issue; a strong peace force was recommended. [CBS]
  • Expo '70 ends today; the fair made almost $30 million. [CBS]
  • A hotel fire in Los Angeles killed nine people. [CBS]
  • Timothy Leary escaped from jail. [CBS]
  • A $1 million Raphael painting was stolen from the home of Charles Elkins. [CBS]
  • Senator Philip Hart will introduce a "no-fault" auto insurance bill. Present insurance is inadequate, with high rates and low returns. No-fault avoids legal hassles and pays regardless of who's at fault.

    An insurance company president said that no-fault insurance encourages reckless drivers. [CBS]

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