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Monday September 14, 1970
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News stories from Monday September 14, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Palestinians said that they will treat American hostages as Israelis; the United States denounced the statement. The State Department won't tolerate Arabs holding U.S. citizens; many of the captives have dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship.

    The Red Cross now says that the report of a birth on a hijacked plane was false. The man who was killed while attempting a hijack last week was American Patrick Arguello. [CBS]

  • A man and a woman with children hijacked a Romanian plane to Munich, West Germany. [CBS]
  • President Nixon has asked Congress for $28 million for air security. [CBS]
  • The United Auto Workers is set to strike General Motors at midnight; some are on strike already. The UAW is demanding pension and cost of living increases.

    UAW president Leonard Woodcock claims that GM caused the strike. [CBS]

  • A railroad strike is scheduled for midnight. Assistant Labor Secretary W. J. Usery says that an agreement by midnight is unlikely; union demands are high. President Nixon may postpone the strike for 60 days, and he vowed to labor leaders that he'll decrease unemployment. [CBS]
  • Pennsylvania Bank of Philadelphia lowered its prime interest rate to 7.5%. [CBS]
  • A California law forbids busing without parents consent, but 15,000 children are being bused in the Pasadena school district. Governor Ronald Reagan stated that busing is an imposition upon parents, children, and government. [CBS]
  • Schools were closed in Bogalusa, Louisiana, after black and white students fought each other. [CBS]
  • Big business and organized labor oppose President Nixon's proposed tax on leaded gas. [CBS]
  • The Senate passed a $425 million bill to encourage doctors to be general practitioners. [CBS]
  • The Presidential Commission on Pornography has delayed publication of its report until September 30 so that dissenters can prepare their report. [CBS]
  • Chief Viet Cong peace negotiator Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh wants secret talks with the United States. [CBS]
  • Cambodian government forced incurred heavy losses in their offensive against the Communists. [CBS]
  • South Vietnam Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky will speak at the Washington, DC "Win the War" rally. Reverend Carl McIntire reported that Ky will speak despite U.S. government pressure not to, and Ky will "out-Agnew" Spiro Agnew. [CBS]
  • President Nixon has appointed his daughter Tricia Nixon along with H.R. Haldeman to 10-year terms as trustees for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. [CBS]

Stock Market Report

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 757.12 (-4.72, -0.62%)
S&P Composite: 82.07 (-0.45, -0.55%)
Arms Index: 1.49

Total Volume11.91
* in millions of shares

Arms Index is the ratio of volume per declining issue to volume per advancing issue; a figure below 1.0 is bullish.

Market Index Trends
September 11, 1970761.8482.5212.14
September 10, 1970760.7582.3011.90
September 9, 1970766.4382.7916.25
September 8, 1970773.1483.0417.11
September 4, 1970771.1582.8315.36
September 3, 1970765.2782.0914.11
September 2, 1970756.6480.969.71
September 1, 1970758.1580.9510.44
August 31, 1970764.5881.5210.74
August 28, 1970765.8181.8613.82

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