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Saturday November 14, 1970
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News stories from Saturday November 14, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • An island off the coast of East Pakistan was hit by a tidal wave and typhoons; 100,000 people are believed to have been killed. [CBS]
  • Coup leaders in Syria tightened their hold on the government as Defense Minister Hafez al-Assad arrested opposition officials. Syria's defeat in Jordan's civil war helped cause the power struggle. Assad is a realistic man who may give Syria a more rational course. [CBS]
  • West Germany and Poland signed a treaty to establish diplomatic relations; Germany accepted the border between the two countries. [CBS]
  • Communists attacked Americans troops near Hue, South Vietnam. [CBS]
  • Jury selection continued in Lt. William Calley's trial. Many prospective jurors have been dismissed, mainly because of pre-trial publicity; defense attorney George Latimer wants more infantry officers on the panel. Latimer said that it's hard to find jurors without fixed opinions on My Lai. [CBS]
  • A 3 million gallon oil slick is approaching Delaware Bay. Heavy rains caused a leak from a reclaiming plant. [CBS]
  • Three forest fires are burning out of control in Southern California. Some residents have been evacuated and mountain resorts are in danger. [CBS]
  • In Rhode Island, Democrat Governor Frank Licht has beaten Republican challenger Herbert De Simone by about 2,000 votes after a recount. [CBS]
  • Senator Hugh Scott is seeking Republican opposition to a bill which would limit campaign spending on air time to seven cents per vote. [CBS]

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