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Saturday November 14, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Saturday November 14, 1970:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Mission: Impossible: The Amateur My Three Sons: The Honeymoon Arnie: Why Spy? The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Bob & Rhoda & Teddy & Mary Mannix: Sunburst
ABC Let's Make A Deal Newlywed Game The Lawrence Welk Show The Most Deadly Game: Photo Finish  
NBC The Andy Williams Show Movie: Torn Curtain (1966)

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] Mission: Impossible [Reg]: The Amateur
Season 5, episode 9
W: Ed Adamson   D: Paul Krasny

With Anthony Zerbe (Eric Schilling), Ron Feinberg (Colonel Kurt Eckert), Lisa Pera (Clara Schram), Don Eitner (Danzig), Allen Joseph (Max Wittstock), Peter Brocco (Father Bernard), Biff Manard (Lieutenant Seelik), Al Roberts (Drunk).
Part of an Iron Curtain country's secret weapon, useless if not complete, is taken by an unscrupulous nightclub owner before it can be brought to the U.S.

[ABC 7:30] Let's Make A Deal

[NBC 7:30] The Andy Williams Show [Reg]
Season 2, episode 9
W: Chris Bearde, Allan Blye

With Ken Berry, Leslie Uggams, Claudine Longet, Charlie Callas.
Andy sings "The Letter", "Fire and Rain" and "The Very Thought of You"; Berry sings "Green, Green Grass"; Miss Uggams sings "Frere Jacques".

[ABC 8:00] Newlywed Game

[CBS 8:30] My Three Sons [Reg]: The Honeymoon
Season 11, episode 8
W: George Tibbles   D: Fred De Cordova

With Robert Broyles (Max), Natividad Vacio (Paco), Remo Pisani (Pepe), Bobbie Diamond (Mike Dwiggins), Rick Gates (Harold Fletcher), Veronica Cartwright (Ruth Fletcher), Pablo Lopez (Mickabito), Maria Grimm (Girl).
Chip and Polly's elopement to Las Vegas is plagued by a stalled car. Later they find their honeymoon hotel is now for singles only.

[ABC 8:30] The Lawrence Welk Show

[NBC 8:30] Movie: Torn Curtain (1966)
W: Brian Moore   D: Alfred Hitchcock

With Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Lila Kedrova, Tamara Toumanova, Ludwig Donath.
An American scientist fakes defection to the communists to learn scientific secrets.

[CBS 9:00] Arnie [Reg]: Why Spy?
Season 1, episode 9
D: Don Richardson

Arnie is demoted from executive to floor sweeper but it's all a ruse to snag an industrial saboteur.

[CBS 9:30] The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Reg]: Bob & Rhoda & Teddy & Mary
Season 1, episode 9
W: Bob Rodgers   D: Peter Baldwin

With Dick Patterson (Emcee), Henry Corden (Mr. Hartunian), Greg Mullavey (Bob).
Rhoda's new boyfriend falls for Mary and threatens the girls' friendship.

[ABC 9:30] The Most Deadly Game [Reg]: Photo Finish
Season 1, episode 6

With Stephen Young (Mike Corbett), Marlyn Mason (Peggy), John S. Ragin (Biff Porter), Eileen Brennan (Alice).
A murderer sends photos of his victims and a plea to stop him before he kills again. Croft and Arcane use Vanessa as a decoy to catch him, then receive a photo of her.

[CBS 10:00] Mannix [Reg]: Sunburst
Season 4, episode 9
W: Stephen Kandel   D: John Llewellyn Moxey

With Keith Walker (Announcer), Ross Hagen (Croaker), Michael Bell (Driver), Patricia Quinn (Dana Simmons), Warren Vanders (York), Barry Atwater (Peterson), James W. Gavin (Gorham), Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Wells), Walker Edmiston (Perry), Francisco Ortega (Deputy), Brad Dexter (Romano), Paul Carr (Ben Simmons).
Mannix and the owner of a small roadside cafe are captives of three gangland mobsters.

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