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Saturday November 21, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Saturday November 21, 1970:

7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS   Mission: Impossible: Hunted My Three Sons: One By One They Go Arnie: For Whom The Whistle Blows The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Assistant Wanted, Female Mannix: To Cage A Sea Gull
ABC The Lawrence Welk Show College Football
NBC   The Andy Williams Show Adam-12: Log 105 -- Elegy For A Pig Movie: Return Of The Seven (1966)

Program details:

[ABC 7:00] The Lawrence Welk Show

[CBS 7:30] Mission: Impossible [Reg]: Hunted
Season 5, episode 10
W: Helen Hoblock Thompson   D: Terry Becker

With Ivor Barry (Chief Inspector Banco), Ta-Tanisha (Maryana "Gabby" Renfrow), John S. Ragin (Pharmacist), Joe Morton (Clerk), John Alderson (Follet), Elaine Church (Pharmacist's Wife), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Luddy), Kirk Scott (Guard), Michael St. Clair (Blacksmith), Edgar Winston (Police Sergeant), Joseph Lancaster (Policeman), Dick Dial (Masked Barney).
While on a project to rescue an imprisoned patriot, IMF member Barney is wounded and has to be left behind in order for his mates to complete their mission.

[NBC 7:30] The Andy Williams Show [Reg]
Season 2, episode 10
W: Chris Bearde, Allan Blye

With Jonathan Winters, Phyllis Diller, Ray Stevens.
Phyllis and Jonathan do a takeoff on Women's Liberation and weekend campers; Andy sings "Hello, Young Lovers" and "Emily".

[ABC 8:00] College Football
U.C.L.A. vs. Southern California.

[CBS 8:30] My Three Sons [Reg]: One By One They Go
Season 11, episode 9
W: George Tibbles   D: Fred De Cordova

With Norman Alden (Tom Williams), Doris Singleton (Margaret Williams).
Chip and Polly are settled in their one-room apartment in the school dorm, and while they're outwardly happy, he knows she's sad because of her father's attitude towards her.

[NBC 8:30] Adam-12 [Reg]: Log 105 -- Elegy For A Pig
Season 3, episode 8
W: James Doherty   D: Alan Crosland Jr.

With Mark Goddard (Officer Tom Porter), Rachel Roman (Marge Porter).
In documentary style, the life of a policeman who was gunned down by a petty criminal is told.

[CBS 9:00] Arnie [Reg]: For Whom The Whistle Blows
Season 1, episode 10
D: Don Richardson

While Arnie is participating in his boss's tough exercise program under orders, wife Lillian is pressuring him to tell the boss where to go.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Return Of The Seven (1966)
W: Larry Cohen   D: Burt Kennedy

With Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, Fernando Rey.
Members of the original group who helped liberate a small Mexican village get word that one of their members is in trouble. A new band of outlaws is terrorizing the village and have kidnapped the one who remained to make his home there.

[CBS 9:30] The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Reg]: Assistant Wanted, Female
Season 1, episode 10
W: Treva Silverman   D: Peter Baldwin

With John Amos (Gordy Howard).
Mary is swamped by work in the newsroom and is given permission to hire an assistant, but against her better judgement she's talked into giving her nutty neighbor a crack at the job.

[CBS 10:00] Mannix [Reg]: To Cage A Sea Gull
Season 4, episode 10
W: Ed Waters   D: Paul Krasny

With Byron Morrow (Hartigan), Keith Walker (Newscaster), Grace Albertson (Professor Elaine Resnick), Michael Vandever (Brix), Norman Alden (Travers), Chick Chandler (Antrim Scott), Peggy Walton-Walker (Bonnie), Ralph Maurer (Kopell), Jerry Hausner (Rudy), Sid Grossfeld (Dispatcher), Ben Cooper (Frank Binns), Richard Karie (Nick), Jeff Davis (Govenor), Byron Mabe (Olin), William Benedict (Popcorn Vendor).
Joe Mannix is scheduled to be executed at dawn when he uncovers an anarchist's plot to violently take over the country.

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