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Friday December 4, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Friday December 4, 1970:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Interns: The Fever Headmaster: Count The Ways I Love You Movie: Peyton Place (1957), part two
ABC The Brady Bunch: The Tattle-Tale Nanny And The Professor: The Visitor The Partridge Family: This Is My Song That Girl: Super Reporter Love, American Style This Is Tom Jones
NBC Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer (R) The Name Of The Game: Why I Blew Up Dakota Bracken's World: A Score Without Strings

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] The Interns [Reg]: The Fever
Season 1, episode 11
W: Charles Larson   D: Allen Reisner

With Radames Pera (David Walberg), Eduard Franz (Gus Walberg), Viveca Lindfors (Jennie Walberg), Barney Phillips (Dr. Kendrick), S. John Launer (Abrams), John Lupton (Dr. Phelps), Tom Hallick (Dr. Grant), Elaine Fielding (Nurse #1), Linda Dangcil (Nurse #2).
The fear of an epidemic sweeps the city after Dr. Marsh is stricken with bubonic plague while attending a music festival sponsored by Dr. Goldstone's friend.

[ABC 7:30] The Brady Bunch [Reg]: The Tattle-Tale
Season 2, episode 10
W: Sam Locke, Milton Pascal   D: Russ Mayberry

With John Wheeler (Postman).
Cindy causes problems for herself and the rest of the family when she becomes a "tale carrier".

[NBC 7:30] Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer [special]
W: Romeo Muller   D: Larry Roemer

With Larry D. Mann, Billie Mae Richards, Paul Soles, Stan Francis.
Animated musical about a shy buck who lights the way to a Merry Christmas. Burl Ives narrates and sings.

(Repeat program)

[ABC 8:00] Nanny And The Professor [Reg]: The Visitor
Season 2, episode 10
W: Earl Hamner Jr.   D: Gary Nelson

With Lee Casey (Billy Hunter), Van Williams (Mr. Parsons), Carolyn Conwell (Mrs. Parsons), Fredd Wayne (Mr. Jackwith).
The Everetts are paid an unexpected visit by Butch's 11-year-old pen-pal who has hitchhiked with his mongrel dog from Canada.

[CBS 8:30] Headmaster [Reg]: Count The Ways I Love You
Season 1, episode 11

With Joy Ellison (Susan), Lani O'Grady (Judy).
Andy's teacher-wife, Margaret, is shunned by a thoughtless girl student who challenges her ability to understand children -- because she and Andy have none of their own.

[ABC 8:30] The Partridge Family [Reg]: This Is My Song
Season 1, episode 11
W: Richard DeRoy   D: Jerry Paris

Danny gets an inspiration while sleeping and writes down his sure-fire hit tune the next morning. The family is impressed until brother Keith claims the song was stolen from him.

[NBC 8:30] The Name Of The Game [Reg]: Why I Blew Up Dakota
Season 3, episode 12
W: Ken Trevey   D: John Newland

With Clu Gulager (Rex Dakota), Richard Van Vleet (Brian Cargill), Paul Stewart (Stan Rubin), Carolyn Jones (Lydia Mulholland), William Benedict (Delivery Man), Jill Banner (Ginger), Miguel Angel (Ralph Delgado), Robert Lipton (Billy Wizard), Jose Ferrer (Franklin Bristow), Roddy McDowall (Early McCorley).
Dan Farrell investigates the bizarre bombing death of an eccentric mod artist. A rival artist is arrested as the prime suspect, and a flamboyant criminal lawyer takes over his defense.

[CBS 9:00] Movie: Peyton Place (1957), part two
W: John Michael Hayes   D: Mark Robson

With Lana Turner, Hope Lange, Lee Phillips, Lloyd Nolan, Arthur Kennedy, Betty Field, Lorne Greene.
In a small New England town, two women from opposite ends of the social ladder are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control.

[ABC 9:00] That Girl [Reg]: Super Reporter
Season 5, episode 11
W: Saul Turteltaub, Bernie Orenstein   D: Richard Kinon

With James Gregory (Mr. Adams), Barbara Minkus (Elaine), Roy Roberts (Deputy Mayor), Fred Holliday (Charlie), Brad Trumbull (Cop), Jimmy Cross (Guy), Robert Rothwell (Commentator), Arline Anderson (Secretary), Florence Mercer (Person).
To please Don's office pals, Ann Marie makes her fiancee a gift costume that causes him endless embarrassment on the day he's to receive a writer's award.

[ABC 9:30] Love, American Style [Reg]
1.   Love And The Lost Dog
With Edward Andrews (Admiral Conrad), George Clifton (Arthur), Alvy Moore (Mr. Stanton), Irene Ryan (Mother).  
A lonely widow puts and ad in the paper for a lost dog she never had, and two aging gentlemen callers reply.

2.   Love And The Intruder
W: Arnold Horwitt   D: Gary Nelson

With Valorie Armstrong, John Astin (Alfred), Abby Dalton (Delores), George Furth (Phil), Ed McCready, Johnny Silver (Eddie), Alan Sues, James B. Sikking (Leonard).  
When a man borrows a fabulous company-owned apartment to entertain his girl, he doesn't figure on company in the form of a burglar.

[ABC 10:00] This Is Tom Jones [Reg]
Season 3, episode 11

With Nancy Wilson, Buddy Greco.
Tom sings "Here's That Rainy Day", "Work Song" and "I Can't Stop Loving You". Nancy sings "Now I Am Woman". Buddy Greco performs "Quando, Quando, Quando". Tom and Nancy duet on "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Tom and Buddy duet on "Keep the Customer Satisfied".

[NBC 10:00] Bracken's World [Reg]: A Score Without Strings
Season 2, episode 12
W: Jack Sher   D: Paul Henreid

With Jim McMullan (Jerry Stavis), Billy Halop (Projectionist).
Bracken loses a music composer when the man breaks off his romance with Paulette Douglas.

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