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Monday December 7, 1970
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Sports headlines for Monday December 7, 1970:

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Bill Nelsen (CLE)161 yards
Jerry Rhome (HOU)73 yards
Charley Johnson (HOU)49 yards
Leroy Kelly (CLE)108 yards
Joe Dawkins (HOU)81 yards
Bo Scott (CLE)61 yards
Reece Morrison (CLE)37 yards
Mike Richardson (HOU)29 yards
Alvin Reed (HOU)44 yards
Jim Beirne (HOU)34 yards
Homer Jones (CLE)30 yards
Milt Morin (CLE)29 yards
Fair Hooker (CLE)28 yards

Cleveland Browns (6-6-0) 0 7 7 7 21
Houston Oilers (3-8-1) 3 0 0 7 10
Att: 50,582 at Astrodome Game Summary

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