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Thursday December 10, 1970
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Prime-time network TV listings for Thursday December 10, 1970:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Family Affair: Wish You Were Here The Jim Nabors Hour Movie: Chuka (1967)
ABC Matt Lincoln: Billy Bewitched: The Corsican Cousins Barefoot In The Park: No Fancy Fixtures The Odd Couple: Felix Is Missing The Immortal: Paradise Bay
NBC The Flip Wilson Show Ironside: The Laying On Of Hands Nancy: A Case Of Spring Fever The Dean Martin Show

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] Family Affair [Reg]: Wish You Were Here
Season 5, episode 13
W: Blanche Hanalis   D: Charles T. Barton

With Sarah Selby (Mrs. Mallory), Ellen Clark (Mrs. Lacey), Florence Lake (Miss Pringle), Jim Hafferty (Alan Bradley), Jon Lormer (Mr. Bradley), Vaughn Taylor (Mr. Thompson).
Uncle Bill, seeing his wards' memory of their father fading, take Buffy and the rest to their childhood home in Indiana in an effort to rekindle their memories.

[ABC 7:30] Matt Lincoln [Reg]: Billy
Season 1, episode 11
W: Pat Fielder   D: Corey Allen

With Darren McGavin, Jean Allison, Charles McGraw, George Spell.
Dr. Lincoln is called in when the 13-year-old son of a building contractor threatens to jump from an unfinished structure.

[NBC 7:30] The Flip Wilson Show [Reg]
Season 1, episode 12

With Lena Horne, Tony Randall.
Flip plays a prisoner with the world's most untidy cell who is assigned a cellmate with a fetish for neatness; Tony is an elderly hippie movie producer who is arrested by a parking meter maid named Geraldine; Miss Horne sings "I Had a Dream" and "Rocky Raccoon".

[CBS 8:00] The Jim Nabors Hour [Reg]
Season 2, episode 12

With Roy Rogers, Dale Evans.
Nabors is hired as an "extra" in a Rogers movie.

[ABC 8:30] Bewitched [Reg]: The Corsican Cousins
Season 7, episode 11
W: Ed Jurist   D: Richard Michaels

With Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Barbara Morrison (Mrs. Nichols), Ann Doran (Mrs. Raphael), Robert Wolders (Clark), Jerry Rush (Dancer).
Endora makes Samantha act like Serena, upsetting the Stephenses' opportunity to join an exclusive country club.

[NBC 8:30] Ironside [Reg]: The Laying On Of Hands
Season 4, episode 12
W: Tom Seller   D: Don McDougall

With Edward Faulkner (Frank Wickham), Rita Conde (Mrs. Esteban), Alan Hewitt (Harley), Paul Fix (Barney), Phyllis Love (Jeannie Wickham), Dort Clark (Sam), Charles Lampkin (Truck Driver), David Barton (Pablo Esteban).
The chief finds himself in the world of those who put their trust in faith healers when a friend requests him to check into a seedy gathering at which a 14-year-old healer is performing.

[CBS 9:00] Movie: Chuka (1967)
W: Richard Jessup   D: Gordon Douglas

With Rod Taylor, Ernest Borgnine, John Mills, Luciana Paluzzi, James Whitmore.
A gunfighter finds out what courage is when he's trapped in an isolated fort about to be attacked by a tribe of raging Indians.

[ABC 9:00] Barefoot In The Park [Reg]: No Fancy Fixtures
Season 1, episode 11
W: Barry E. Blitzer, Ray Brenner

When Corie discovers the inflatable chair she bought is defective, Paul returns it and the owner tries to stick him with a defective and expensive stereo set.

[ABC 9:30] The Odd Couple [Reg]: Felix Is Missing
Season 1, episode 11
W: Albert E. Lewin   D: George Tyne

With Larry Gelman (Vinnie), Garry Walberg (Speed), Ryan MacDonald (Roy), Albert Brooks (Rudy), Anita Ford (Jeannie), Therese Baldwin (Priscilla), Lloyd Gough (Sergeant Flanagan), Jerry Jones (Attendant), Johnny Silver (Bum).
Felix is away on a photo assignment and Oscar is suspected of foul play when he can't produce a note Felix left explaining his absence.

[NBC 9:30] Nancy [Reg]: A Case Of Spring Fever
Season 1, episode 13
W: Sidney Sheldon   D: Jerome Courtland

With Wesley Addy (Jim Nielson), Darcy Lee (Melissa), Stuart Lee (Danny).
Abby and the citiy's most eligible widower find romance, much to the dismay of Uncle Everett, whose jealousy suddenly shows.

[ABC 10:00] The Immortal [Reg]: Paradise Bay
Season 1, episode 11
W: Ben Masselink, Stephen Kandel   D: Don Weis

With Tisha Sterling (Julie/Nancy Dudley), Howard Duff (Arthur Cameron), Scott Brady (Frank Brady), Aron Kincaid (Pete Cameron), Don Diamond (Warren Harron), Ronnie Rondell (Ralph), Joe Hooker (Eddie).
Ben Richards seeks the answer to a town's secret when he goes in search of his brother. After receiving an unfriendly welcome, he befriends a girl who might help him and then is run out of town by a leading citizen.

[NBC 10:00] The Dean Martin Show [Reg]
Season 6, episode 13

With Glenn Ford, Barbara Feldon, Charles Nelson Reilly, The Golddiggers.
Ford explains "body language"; Reilly plays a fussy doctor and a reluctant "human cannonball"; Miss Feldon plays a magnetic nurse.

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