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Saturday December 19, 1970
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News stories from Saturday December 19, 1970

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Congress held a rare Saturday session, in an attempt to finish business and leave Washington before Christmas. President Nixon suggested round-the-clock sessions; he may convene the new Congress on January 3 instead of January 23. The President wants the SST, welfare reform and social security bills passed.

    Congress doesn't want the extra work. Senator William Fulbright said that he will end his filibuster on aid to Cambodia if a clause forbidding U.S. troops there is passed. Senator William Proxmire will end his filibuster against the SST if a new vote is scheduled for March. Congress wants their Christmas vacation. [CBS]

  • The situation remains tense in Poland; 12 people were killed in riots last week. [CBS]
  • Greek Premier George Papadopoulos announced that he will free all political prisoners next May if the country stays calm. [CBS]
  • South Vietnam battled Communists near the DMZ; 25 of the 198 soldiers who were home on Christmas leave didn't return to Vietnam on time but may not be considered AWOL yet. [CBS]
  • Communist representatives in Paris told David Dellinger that no more American POWs will be freed. North Vietnam feels that President Nixon is using the POWs to create pro-war sentiment. [CBS]
  • Radiation was reported over Utah after a nuclear test in Nevada. The Atomic Energy Commission doesn't know how the accident happened but stated that the amount of leaked radiation is not serious even though radiation may get into the water supply. [CBS]
  • Religious music is popular in the South, especially at Christmas. A gospel quartet called The Inspirations travels and sings and sells their records at concerts; they rehearse in a bus. All but the group manger are under the age of 23. Members say they sing for God and love and to spread the message of Jesus. [CBS]
  • A night watchman at Oklahoma City's city hall got his hand caught in a vending machine. He shot the machine and it let go of his hand; the watchman has been suspended. [CBS]

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