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Tuesday January 12, 1971
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Prime-time network TV listings for Tuesday January 12, 1971:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Beverly Hillbillies: The Girls From Grun Green Acres: Son Of Drobny Hee Haw All In The Family: Meet The Bunkers Is Mercury A Menace?
ABC The Mod Squad: Kicks, Incorporated Movie: Assault On The Wayne (1971) NBA All Star Game
NBC The Don Knotts Show Julia: Cousin Of The Bride Movie: Secret Ceremony (1968)

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] The Beverly Hillbillies [Reg]: The Girls From Grun
Season 9, episode 14
W: Paul Henning, Dick Wesson   D: Robert M. Leeds

With Danielle Mardi (Helen Thompson), Jerry Brutsche (Surfer), David Moses (Mmedic), Sue Bernard (Girl), Jane Axell (Secretary).
Banker Drysdale, still trying to trick the Clampetts into leaving their millions in his hands, plays on their sympathies by feigning combat wounds received fighting "hostile" grunion.

[ABC 7:30] The Mod Squad [Reg]: Kicks, Incorporated
Season 3, episode 15
W: Peggy O'Shea   D: Gene Nelson

With Jack Cassidy (Perry Lemko), Barbara Rush (Mrs. Hamilton), Danny Thomas (Good Friend), Diane McBain (Melba Norwood), Cal Wilson (Skip), Kim Milford (Johnny), Leo Gordon (Unit Leader).
A debonair socialite heads a unique "nuisance" racket. To complicate matters, the sophisticated crook is a golfing buddy of Captain Greer.

[NBC 7:30] The Don Knotts Show
With Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Nancy Wilson, Tommy Roe.

[CBS 8:00] Green Acres [Reg]: Son Of Drobny
Season 6, episode 16
W: Dan Beaumont   D: Richard L. Bare

With Gordon Connell (Gorko), Albert Szabo (Vanyek), Vincent Van Lynn (German #1), Chris Anders (German #2), Michael Keenan (German #3), Herbert Kerr (German #4), Parley Baer (Lt. Governor).
Word leaks out that Lisa is entertaining the son of a war hero and the whole town turns out to meet him.

[CBS 8:30] Hee Haw
Season 2, episode 16

With Roger Miller, Peggy Little, Bobby Murcer.
Miller sings "Dang Me" and "That's the Way I Feel"; Miss Little solos "Statue of a Fool"; Murcer offers a comedy routine with Junior Samples.

[ABC 8:30] Movie: Assault On The Wayne (1971)
W: Jackson Gillis   D: Marvin Chomsky

With Joseph Cotten, Lloyd Haynes, Dewey Martin, Leonard Nimoy, William Windom, Keenan Wynn, Malachi Throne, Ivor Barry, Sam Elliott.
Teleplay about the international battle of wits for control of an American nuclear submarine.

[NBC 8:30] Julia [Reg]: Cousin Of The Bride
Season 3, episode 16
W: R. A. Cinader   D: Bernard Wiesen

With Diana Sands (Cousin Sara), John McGiver (Sam Stone), Janear Hines (Roberta), M. Emmet Walsh (Gus Anderson), Jerry Hausner (Danny Wilson), Morris Erby (Mel Sharp).
Cousin Sara returns from making a movie and drafts Julia into planning her wedding.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Secret Ceremony (1968)
W: George Tabori   D: Joseph Losey

With Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow, Robert Mitchum.
A woman and the girl she insists is her long-lost daughter are caught in a web of insanity and deception in this powerful psychological thriller.

[CBS 9:30] All In The Family [Reg]: Meet The Bunkers
Season 1, episode 1
W: Norman Lear   D: John Rich

With Mike Evans (Lionel Jefferson).
Series debut. A surprise anniversary party for the Bunkers deteriorates into an argument when Gloria and Mike accuse Archie of being racially prejudiced.

[CBS 10:00] Is Mercury A Menace?
Daniel Schorr interviews three members of the University of Rochester Medical Center about the problem of mercury contamination of fish and ways to meet and control it. In addition to interviews with William Ruckelshaus, our country's environmental chief, and scientists involved in researching the field, a historical review reveals that as far back as 1953 illness from fish contamination by methyl mercury was discovered in Japan, and a similar experience was suffered in Sweden in the late '50s and early '60s.

[ABC 10:00] NBA All Star Game
Lew Alcindor and Willis Reed spearhead their squads in the 25th annual N.B.A. All Star Game from the International Sports Arena in San Diego. The game features top players from the N.B.A.'s East and West divisions.

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