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Saturday February 6, 1971
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News stories from Saturday February 6, 1971

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Apollo 14 astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard walked on the moon then blasted off for their return to earth. The astronauts were unable to complete their climb to the top of a crater, but completed other projects. The golfing world went bananas after Shepard took a golf shot on the moon. [CBS]
  • North Vietnam shelled American and South Vietnamese forces in northern South Vietnam. There has been no large movement of South Vietnamese troops into Laos, but Saigon government television reported that South Vietnam has the right to attack North Vietnamese bases in Laos. [CBS]
  • Twenty thousand South Vietnamese are involved in the attack into Cambodia; a big battle is underway. [CBS]
  • Senator Edward Kennedy accused the CIA of diverting half of the U.S. funds allocated for Laos relief operations, claiming that the money is being used for food and drugs for paramilitary units operating in Laos. The U.S. Agency for International Development said that only a small percentage of Laotian refugees are in paramilitary units. [CBS]
  • Senator George Aiken stated that Secretary of State Rogers is not always informed in advance of President Nixon's plans in Southeast Asia. [CBS]
  • Irish citizens attacked British troops in Belfast, Northern Ireland. New fighting was reported in Londonderry. The British Defense Minister announced that he is sending additional troops to Northern Ireland. [CBS]
  • Left-wing demonstrators marched in Rome after a night of violence. The trouble was originally over a dispute between the towns of Calabria and Catanzaro as to which would be the capital of the region; the dispute has now become a nationwide struggle between Fascists and Communists. Communists staged a peaceful march but extreme Maoists caused the trouble. [CBS]
  • An earthquake north of Rome near Viterbo, Italy, leveled buildings and killed 10. [CBS]

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