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Thursday February 11, 1971
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Prime-time network TV listings for Thursday February 11, 1971:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Family Affair: Cinder-Emily The Jim Nabors Hour Movie: The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
ABC Alias Smith And Jones: The Girl In Boxcar #3 Bewitched: The House That Uncle Arthur Built Make Room For Granddaddy: Over 30 Is Out Dan August: The Worst Crime This Is Your Life
NBC The Flip Wilson Show Ironside: Escape Adam-12: Log 165 -- Once A Cop The Dean Martin Show

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] Family Affair [Reg]: Cinder-Emily
Season 5, episode 21
W: Walter Blank   D: Charles T. Barton

With Peter Duryea (Jim Turner), Nancy Walker (Emily Turner).
Emily Turner informs Cissy she's not going to attend her son's medical school graduation ball because she doesn't have an escort.

[ABC 7:30] Alias Smith And Jones [Reg]: The Girl In Boxcar #3
Season 1, episode 5
W: Howard Browne   D: Leslie H. Martinson

With Heather Menzies (Annabelle), Claudia Bryar (Minerva Lambert), Michael Carr (Briggs), Conlan Carter (Breen), Royal Dano (John Lambert), Jack Garner (Stacey), Alan Hale Jr. (Andrew Greer), John Larch (Mike Griffin).
Heyes and Curry agree to deliver to a nearby town $50,000 withdrawn from a bank just before it closed permanently.

[NBC 7:30] The Flip Wilson Show [Reg]
Season 1, episode 20

With Art Carney, Barbara Feldon, Hal Frazier, The Modern Jazz Quartet.
Flip and Art demonstrate the discomforts of economy travel, then play a veterinarian and a gangster faced with the removal of a bullet.

[CBS 8:00] The Jim Nabors Hour [Reg]
Season 2, episode 21

With Phyllis Diller, Tommy Leonetti.
Phyllis plays the oversexed wife of a prison warden. Nabors and cast salute Walt Disney movies.

[ABC 8:30] Bewitched [Reg]: The House That Uncle Arthur Built
Season 7, episode 18
W: Bernie Kahn   D: Richard Michaels

With J. Edward McKinley (Mr. Rockfield), Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Paul Lynde (Uncle Arthur), Ysabel MacCloskey (Mrs. Rockfield), Barbara Rhoades (Aretha).
Samantha is distressed when Uncle Arthur leaves his bag of corny jokes and tricks at her place because he has fallen in love with a witch who doesn't like kidding around.

[NBC 8:30] Ironside [Reg]: Escape
Season 4, episode 19
W: Adrian Spies   D: John Florea

With Robert Ellenstein (James B. Gerard), Nate Esformes (Juan Moreno), Len Wayland (Shaller), Cal Bellini (Lt. Fernando Mercado), Bill Baldwin (Reporter), Priscilla Garcia (Stewardess), Scutter McKay (Copy Boy), Scott Glenn (Lonnie Burnett), Victoria Racimo, Nico Minardos.
Proud Latin-American brothers, determined to bring a murderer to justice, come to the attention of the chief and his staff, who counsel prudence in the absence of evidence.

[CBS 9:00] Movie: The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
W: Ring Lardner Jr., Terry Southern   D: Norman Jewison

With Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann-Margret, Karl Malden, Tuesday Weld, Joan Blondell, Cab Calloway, Rip Torn, Jack Weston, Jeff Corey.
A man's fondness for women is topped only by his desire to dethrone the king of the poker-playing world.

[ABC 9:00] Make Room For Granddaddy [Reg]: Over 30 Is Out
Season 1, episode 19

With Jack Bender (Jeff).
Upset by the long hair and far-out garb of Linda's date, Danny follows the young couple to their announced destination.

[ABC 9:30] Dan August [Reg]: The Worst Crime
Season 1, episode 20
W: Richard Landau   D: Gerald Mayer

With Barney Phillips (Mike Golden), Sal Mineo (Mort Downes), Fernando Lamas (Tony Storm), Tom Troupe (Horace Fallon), Ellen Corby (Agnes Oakes), Paul Hampton (Wally Pierson), Jerry Douglas (Stan Palmer), Carol Daniels (Laurie White), Stephen Mines (Tracer), Marilyn Chris (Waitress), Dale Tarter (Lab Technician).
Enraged by the murder of a shy girl in a public park, Det. August orders a round-up of all known sexual offenders.

[NBC 9:30] Adam-12 [Reg]: Log 165 -- Once A Cop
Season 3, episode 19
W: James Doherty   D: Alan Crosland Jr.

With Shelley Berman (Phil Duke), Leo Gordon (Jack Donohoe), Robert Patten (Det. Sgt. Stone), Robert Bruce Lang (Suspect), Katie O'Pace (Ada Hays), William Benedict (Bill White).
A tough ex-policeman and an angry Hollywood starlet and her flamboyant agent present some unusual problems for officers Malloy and Reed.

[NBC 10:00] The Dean Martin Show [Reg]
Season 6, episode 21

With Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde, Marty Feldman.
In skits, Miss Reynolds plays an exotic dancer, Feldman an overly chatty restaurant patron, and Lynde plays the agent of a ballet dancer. Martin sings "Somebody Stole My Gal" and "Together Again".

[ABC 10:30] This Is Your Life
With Jonathan Winters.

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