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Sunday February 28, 1971
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News stories from Sunday February 28, 1971

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • North Vietnam attacked four South Vietnamese outposts in Cambodia. The South Vietnamese commander of Cambodian forces, General Do Cao Tri, was killed in a helicopter crash; his funeral was held today. Notables of the South Vietnamese government attended the funeral, including vice president Nguyen Cao Ky. [CBS]
  • An Egyptian spokesman stated that Israel's reply to the United Nations' proposals for Mideast peace is tantamount to rejection. [CBS]
  • Egypt seized two tons of opium and marijuana on a deserted island in the Red Sea, claiming that the smugglers had the aid of Israeli military intelligence. [CBS]
  • Liechtenstein's male voters rejected the women's suffrage amendment. [CBS]
  • Senator George McGovern made public a letter he received from anonymous FBI agents complaining that too much time is spent promoting the image of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover; McGovern will request a Senate investigation of Hoover's methods.

    Alvin "Old Creepy" Karpis was public enemy #1 in 1936. Now, after 33 years in jail, Karpis has written a book debunking Hoover's reputation. Karpis says he is sure that others deserved the label of public enemy #1 more than himself in 1936, but Karpis feels that Hoover singled him out because he was upset by Karpis' escape in Atlantic City. [CBS]

  • Legislation which prohibits a nationwide railroad strike ends at midnight, but no strike is expected. [CBS]
  • President Nixon was quoted as saying the extent to which he is able to face an audience without written notes is due to his experience and discipline gained while playing the violin in high school. [CBS]
  • South Vietnam announced that it is committing 16,000 more troops to the Laos operation. The U.S. commander of support forces, General James Sutherland, explained that the enemy is concentrating its forces in order to halt South Vietnam's drive. South Vietnamese forces have withdrawn from Hill 31 in Laos. [CBS]

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