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Wednesday April 21, 1971
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News stories from Wednesday April 21, 1971

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Vietnam Veterans Against the War continued to demonstrate in Washington. The veterans marched to the Pentagon, where they tried to turn themselves in for committing war crimes; three representatives were allowed into the building. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger ruled that the veterans cannot camp on the Capitol Mall. They can stay in the park, but can't sleep there. Some vowed to sleep and be arrested. Other veterans visited the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where they attempted to hand out a peace treaty during a committee hearing. [CBS]
  • Vice President Ky of South Vietnam said that he favors a specific deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam. The chief North Vietnamese negotiator to the Paris Peace Talks said that if a date is set for the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from Vietnam, there will be no problem arranging the release of American POWs. [CBS]
  • Allied forces encountered little resistance after eight days of reconnaissance missions in the Ashau Valley. [CBS]
  • The Supreme Court relaxed restrictions on abortion by upholding a Washington, DC law forbidding abortions except in cases involving mother's life or physical and mental health. Today's ruling forces the prosecution to prove that an abortion is illegal rather than forcing the doctor to prove that it is medically justified. [CBS]
  • The Senate rejected legislation requiring the integration of black urban schools and white suburban schools. Senator Abraham Ribicoff said that persons voting against the bill are in favor of continuing segregated schools, and he declared that the Senate and President Nixon are both unwilling to face the problem. Ribicoff accused the President of playing politics by refusing to antagonize suburbanites who favor dual school systems. [CBS]
  • The cost of living was up 0.3% in March. Presidential economic adviser Paul McCracken called the figure "good news." [CBS]
  • Defense Secretary Melvin Laird said that intelligence reports confirm that Russia is building an extensive ICBM system. Laird cautioned that if the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks fail, the U.S. may have to begin a counter-program. [CBS]
  • The White House Conference on Youth is nearing completion. In Estes Park, Colorado, delegates to the conference are voting on recommendations to send to President Nixon on issues affecting youth. Delegate Judy Kooker announced that the conference's Foreign Relations Task Force recommends an immediate end to U.S. ground and naval operations in Indochina, the cessation of U.S. bombing, total withdrawal and the end to logistical support by the end of the year. Delegate Rickey Alexander announced the recommendation of a regulatory board to oversee the FBI. [CBS]
  • President Nixon asked Congress to overhaul the foreign aid program and to provide $3.3 billion for the program next year. [CBS]
  • President Nixon met with the president of the U.S. Table Tennis Association and discussed inviting China's ping-pong team to visit America; the President agreed that the U.S. government should be involved as little as possible in the visit. The White House doesn't deny that President Nixon was upset by Vice President Agnew's statements which questioned the new policy on China, but some believe that Nixon orchestrated Agnew's statements in order to appease conservatives. [CBS]
  • Cambodian Premier Lon Nol, who resigned yesterday, reportedly will form a new cabinet and return to power. [CBS]
  • India announced that 260,000 East Pakistani refugees have fled into India. India is asking for international help to deal with the situation. [CBS]
  • Today is officially Earth Day; this week is Earth Week. [CBS]
  • The air pollution index was over three times the critical level yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama. Rains have eased situation for now, but the problem remains. The Environmental Protection Agency has asked the six largest companies in the area to curtail all but essential operations. [CBS]
  • Boston Mayor Kevin White said that inaction on revenue sharing proposals means the death of American cities. [CBS]
  • Two civil rights groups charged that the U.S. Employment Service has failed to help disadvantaged workers find jobs, but the Labor Department claims that the service found 6 million jobs for the disadvantaged in the last three years. [CBS]
  • Pope Paul asked persons with Vatican car licenses to trade in their cars for less expensive models. The Pope declared that the Church should be poor, and look poor. [CBS]
  • Martha Mitchell, the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell, said that the Supreme Court should be abolished because of its ruling on school busing yesterday. [CBS]

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