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Thursday April 22, 1971
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News stories from Thursday April 22, 1971

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • President Francois Duvalier of Haiti died last night at age 64; his 19-year-old son, Jean-Claude, will replace him. The Dominican Republic has put its troops on alert, and the U.S. is concerned that Cuba might take advantage of turmoil in Haiti. [CBS]
  • The Vietnam Veterans Against the War protestors slept on the Capitol Mall last night despite a court order forbidding it. Today at the Supreme Court building, 108 veterans and two women were arrested for disorderly conduct. Antiwar veterans' organizer John F. Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and asked where the persons are who are sending soldiers to Vietnam. Kerry claims that the Nixon administration has attempted to "disown" veterans who are against the war.

    VFW commander Herbert Rainwater noted that a small number of veterans are generating news far out of proportion to the size of their group. He said that Vietnam Veterans Against the War do not represent the average veteran. [CBS]

  • Red China withdrew from the International Lawn Tennis Association, charging that the organization is manipulated by American imperialism. [CBS]
  • An Egyptian newspaper reported that Egypt rejected Israel's proposal for reopening the Suez Canal. Israeli Minister Israel Galili said that he sees little chance of reopening the canal. [CBS]
  • Though it officially took place yesterday, some celebrated Earth Day today. In New York City, 300 people bicycled to City Hall and presented a bike rack to city employees. Fifteen blocks of Madison Avenue were closed for two hours to all but buses and pedestrians. [CBS]
  • A federal-state pollution conference is meeting to try to halt massive dumping by the Reserve Mining Company into Lake Superior. The company currently dumps 60,000 tons of crushed rock into the lake daily; crushed rock kills important organisms. Reserve Mining offered to discharge the waste underwater instead, but Minnesota and Wisconsin insist that the company discharge waste on land only. Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson said that it's time to take a tough stand to stop the Reserve Mining Company from polluting the lake. [CBS]
  • The USSR's Amtorg Trading Corporation office in New York City was bombed. The Jewish Defense League denied responsibility but applauded the action. [CBS]
  • Federal, state and local lawmen confiscated weapons and narcotics in raids in southern Illinois. Four dozen people were arrested. [CBS]
  • Wilt Chamberlain backed out of signing a contract for a boxing match against Muhammad Ali. Chamberlain's lawyers said that it's not worth fighting Ali because Wilt would only make a half million after taxes. [CBS]
  • Rep. Hale Boggs attacked the FBI again today. Boggs failed to present any proof of the FBI tapping the telephones of congressmen, but called for the resignation of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover anyway. Republican representatives defended the FBI and Hoover. [CBS]
  • The House passed a bill for $5.5 billion in public works and economic development. [CBS]
  • The wage of the average production worker was up to $1.37 an hour for March. [CBS]
  • New York's Chase Manhattan Bank raised its prime interest rate to 5.5%. Treasury Secretary Connally expressed disappointment with the increase. [CBS]
  • The Pershing and Co. brokerage firm reported a theft of $2.5 million in municipal and corporate bonds. Insurance will cover the loss. [CBS]
  • Britain and France announced that they will build four more Concorde SSTs. [CBS]

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