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Sunday June 27, 1971
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News stories from Sunday June 27, 1971

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Heavy fighting was reported near Fire Base Fuller in South Vietnam; some believe that the fighting is the start of the enemy's summer offensive. U.S. planes fired at the base to keep the Communists from occupying it after the South Vietnamese retreated. [CBS]
  • Former Undersecretary of State George Ball claims that former President Lyndon Johnson did not willfully deceive the American people about the Vietnam war. [CBS]
  • James Meredith, the first black to enroll at the University of Mississippi, said that he will move from New York City to Jackson, Mississippi, due to increasing racial tension in the North. [CBS]
  • Alabama Governor George Wallace attended a fund raising affair in Toledo, Ohio. Wallace spoke at a $25-$50-plate dinner and said that he intends to challenge the tax-exempt status of the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation in court. [CBS]
  • Rose Kennedy says that she is in no hurry to see Senator Edward Kennedy run for president, and neither is he. [CBS]
  • Less than 500 of 40,000 companies have submitted the required applications to the administration's water pollution control program; the deadline is five days away.

    Raw sewage from a disabled treatment plant is still flowing into Lake Erie. Bathers and boaters have been warned about the sewage, but drinking water is not affected. The treatment plant was damaged by a flood.

    Officials have declared a 65-mile stretch of the Potomac River a health hazard. The EPA urged a ban on swimming, water skiing and wading in the river. Washington, DC's central sewage treatment plant will be expanded to deal with the situation by 1974. [CBS]

  • Florida lakes and rivers are facing a problem of alligator overpopulation. [CBS]
  • Vice President Agnew has begun a diplomatic trip that will take him to South Korea, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Congo, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. [CBS]

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