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Thursday August 12, 1971
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Sports headlines for Thursday August 12, 1971:

Scores through round 1 of the 1971 Massachusetts Classic

Tournament held at Pleasant Valley Country Club (Sutton, MA) from August 12, 1971 to August 15, 1971     (Par 72)

RankNameRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4To ParTotalWinnings
1Tom Weiskopf67-567$710
2Dewitt Weaver68-468$241
3Ray Floyd69-369$18,810
3Rod Funseth69-369$11,715
3Lou Graham69-369$3,498
3Bert Weaver69-369$1,897
3Bobby Mitchell69-369$710
3Joel Goldstrand69-369$199
9Mike Hill70-270$5,467
9Jerry Heard70-270$3,498
9Kermit Zarley70-270$1,897
9George Johnson70-270$1,018
9Doug Sanders70-270$1,018
9Deane Beman70-270$710
9Les Peterson70-270$199
9Joe Porter70-270$0
17Dave Stockton71-171$33,000
17Charles Coody71-171$5,467
17Lionel Hebert71-171$5,467
17Mike Reasor71-171$5,467
17Bob Rosburg71-171$3,498
17George Knudson71-171$2,557
17Don Bies71-171$1,897
17Jim Jamieson71-171$1,018
17Charles Sifford71-171$1,018
17Richard Crawford71-171$710
17Jim Wiechers71-171$445
17Sam Snead71-171$241
17Bob Payne71-171$199
17Bob Wynn71-171$199
17Bill Collins71-171$199
17Bob Stone71-171$0
33Bruce Crampton72Even72$7,755
33J.C. Snead72Even72$3,498
33John Lister72Even72$1,364
33Mac McLendon72Even72$1,364
33Dan Sikes72Even72$1,018
33Howell Fraser72Even72$710
33Larry Hinson72Even72$710
33Ken Still72Even72$445
33Paul Harney72Even72$241
33Bob Shaw72Even72$199
33Bob Smith72Even72$199
33Steve Reid72Even72$199
33Howie Johnson72Even72$199
33Herb Hooper72Even72$199
33Miller Barber72Even72$199
33Dale Douglass72Even72$199
33John Kennedy72Even72$199
33Bruce Devlin72Even72$199
33Cesar Sanudo72Even72$0
33Orville Moody72Even72$0
33Roy Pace72Even72$0
33Doug Olson72Even72$0
33Stan Brion72Even72$0
56Homero Blancas73+173$5,467
56Bob Charles73+173$3,498
56Dave Eichelberger73+173$2,557
56Ross Randall73+173$1,364
56Jack Ewing73+173$1,018
56Jack Lewis73+173$710
56Hale Irwin73+173$445
56Tommy Aycock73+173$241
56R.H. Sikes73+173$199
56Gibby Gilbert73+173$199
56Charles Owens73+173$199
56Chi Chi Rodriguez73+173$0
56Richie Karl73+173$0
56Ken Harrelson73+173$0
56Dick Rhyan73+173$0
56Bob Menne73+173$0
56Ben Kern73+173$0
56Larry Wood73+173$0
74Billy Casper74+274$2,557
74Dick Lotz74+274$2,557
74J.C. Goosie74+274$1,018
74Fred Marti74+274$710
74Bob Stanton74+274$241
74Joe Carr74+274$199
74Jim Marshall74+274$199
74Jerry Barrier74+274$199
74Hugh Royer74+274$199
74Phil Rodgers74+274$0
74Howard Buchanan74+274$0
74Robert Clark74+274$0
74Bob Murphy74+274$0
74Tom Ulozas74+274$0
74Art Wall74+274$0
74Bob Lunn74+274$0
74Dick Hanscom74+274$0
74Tim Sweborg74+274$0
74Bob Bourne74+274$0
93Bob Lewis75+375$1,897
93Jim Jewell75+375$1,018
93Larry Ziegler75+375$445
93Bunky Henry75+375$241
93John Lotz75+375$241
93Steve Bogan75+375$199
93Chuck Courtney75+375$199
93Jay Dolan75+375$199
93Randy Wolff75+375$199
93Ralph Johnston75+375$199
93Larry Laoretti75+375$0
93Jim Colbert75+375$0
93Tom Shaw75+375$0
93Curtis Sifford75+375$0
93Steve Oppermann75+375$0
93Rick Rhoads75+375$0
93Ross Coon75+375$0
93Doug Ford75+375$0
93Marty Fleckman75+375$0
112George Boutell76+476$0
112Steve Spray76+476$0
112Labron Harris76+476$0
112Hubert Green76+476$0
112Ted Hayes76+476$0
112Grier Jones76+476$0
112Dave Marad76+476$0
112Bob Erickson76+476$0
112Larry White76+476$0
112Larry Mowry76+476$0
112Ronnie Reif76+476$0
112Chick Evans76+476$0
112Lee McDowell76+476$0
125Terry Wilcox77+577$199
125John Schroeder77+577$199
125Charles Volpone77+577$0
125Bruce Fleisher77+577$0
125Harry Toscano77+577$0
125Ed Sneed77+577$0
131Ron Cerrudo78+678$0
131Paul Barkhouse78+678$0
131Bud Allin78+678$0
131Rod Curl78+678$0
135Claude Harmon79+779$0
135Lee Elder79+779$0
135Sherman Finger79+779$0
135Babe Hiskey79+779$0
135Bobby Greenwood79+779$0
140Jack Montgomery80+880$0
141Lee Danielian89+1789$0

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