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Monday September 27, 1971
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Prime-time network TV listings for Monday September 27, 1971:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Gunsmoke: Waste (1) Here's Lucy: Lucy And Harry's Italian Bombshell The Doris Day Show: When In Rome, Don't My Three Sons: Lady Douglas Arnie: Honey, I'm Sorry But...
ABC Nanny And The Professor: Sunday's Hero In The Game With Frank Gifford Monday Night Football
NBC Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: Episode #95 Movie: Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? (1968)

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Gunsmoke [Reg]: Waste (1)
Season 17, episode 3
W: Jim Byrnes   D: Vincent McEveety

With Ellen Burstyn (Amy Waters), Johnny Whitaker (Willie Hubbard), Ruth Roman (Maggie Blaisedell), Jeremy Slate (Ben Rodman).
Matt Dillon delays his pursuit of an outlaw to help a young boy search for his mother.

[ABC 8:00] Nanny And The Professor [Reg]: Sunday's Hero
Season 3, episode 3
W: Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson   D: Bruce Bilson

With Roger Perry (Fred Parkman), Eileen Baral (Francine Fowler), Howard Cosell (Miles Taylor), Jim Murray (Referee), Ryan MacDonald (Chuck Greenbaum), Lee Jay Lambert (Harvey Mossman), Ric Carrott (Jimmy Taylor), Jason Leroy Williams (Ralph), Frederick Herrick (Alan), Dick Wilson (Gas Station Manager).
Cosell plays a gung-ho, middle-aged teacher who is a fanatic about playing touch football. He and his cronies, including Prof. Everett, are feeling their oats until they come up against a team made up of teenage boys and one teenage girl.

[NBC 8:00] Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In [Reg]: Episode #95
Season 5, episode 3
W: Allan Katz, Don Reo   D: Mark Warren

With Jill St. John, Henny Youngman, Rita Hayworth, James Brolin, Doc Severinsen.
Rita Hayworth guest stars as a heartless nurse and a tipsy film idol. Rita also reads poetry with Rowan and Martin, joins the girls for a Sadie Thompson dance and duets with the Tasteful Lady (Lily Tomlin) on some special material by Billy Barnes.

[ABC 8:30] In The Game With Frank Gifford

[CBS 9:00] Here's Lucy [Reg]: Lucy And Harry's Italian Bombshell
Season 4, episode 3
W: Fred S. Fox, Seaman Jacobs   D: Coby Ruskin

With Sid Gould (Mr. Ferguson), Vanda Barra (Saleslady), Kaye Ballard (Donna), Herbie Faye (Burglar), Emile Autuori (Alfredo Colucci).
Uncle Harry's long-lost girlfriend is set to arrive from Italy, an event that sets Harry on a crash shape-up program.

[ABC 9:00] Monday Night Football
New York Jets at St. Louis Cardinals.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? (1968)
W: Everett Freeman, Karl Tunberg   D: Hy Averback

With Doris Day, Robert Morse, Patrick O'Neal, Terry-Thomas, Lola Albright, Steve Allen, Jim Backus, Ben Blue, Pat Paulsen.
Set against the paralyzing blackout of the Eastern Seaboard in 1965, a Broadway star finds herself saddled with a mixed-up household and uninvited guests.

[CBS 9:30] The Doris Day Show [Reg]: When In Rome, Don't
Season 4, episode 3
W: Richard Powell   D: Jerry London

With Cesare Danova (Carlo Benadetti), Dick Patterson (Albert), Ryan MacDonald (Clerk), Lew Palter (Pietro).
While in Rome on a short vacation, Doris falls in love with an Italian artist and is heartbroken when the romance is mysteriously ended.

[CBS 10:00] My Three Sons [Reg]: Lady Douglas
Season 12, episode 3
W: George Tibbles   D: Earl Bellamy

With Fred MacMurray (Fergus McBain Douglas), Alan Caillou (Voice of Fergus), Anne Francis (Terri Dowling), Frank DeVol (Jonas Tevron).
Steve's look-alike Scottish cousin Fergus has his first date with Terri Dowling.

[CBS 10:30] Arnie [Reg]: Honey, I'm Sorry But...
Season 2, episode 3
D: David Swift

With Joan Shawlee (Myra), Peggy Feury (Elsie).
Arnie becomes less than a company favorite when his wife Lillian promotes a scheme which sends office personnel to work at 5 a.m.

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