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Wednesday September 29, 1971
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Prime-time network TV listings for Wednesday September 29, 1971:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Horton Hears A Who! (R) It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown (R) Medical Center: The Imposter Mannix: A Step In Time
ABC Bewitched: Samantha And The Loch Ness Monster The Courtship Of Eddie's Father: Getting Back On The Horse The Smith Family: Stakeout Shirley's World: A Girl Like You The Man And The City: I Should Have Let Him Die
NBC Adam-12: The Grandmothers McMillan And Wife: Murder By The Barrel Night Gallery

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Horton Hears A Who! [special]
W: Theodor Geisel   D: Chuck Jones, Ben Washam

With Hans Conried, June Foray, Chuck Jones.
Reprise of an animated program based on the creation of Theodor Geisel. Hans Conried narrates the story of a big-hearted elephant whose kindness on behalf of the mythical land of Whoville has won him cheers from children throughout the world.

(Repeat program)

[ABC 8:00] Bewitched [Reg]: Samantha And The Loch Ness Monster
Season 8, episode 3
W: Michael Morris   D: William Asher

With Bernie Kopell (Baron), Steve Franken (Bruce), Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Don Knight (Robbie).
While visiting Scotland, Samantha discovers that the famed Loch Ness monster is actually a warlock.

[NBC 8:00] Adam-12 [Reg]: The Grandmothers
Season 4, episode 3
W: Herb Purdum   D: Ozzie Nelson

With Paul Gleason (Smitty), Ozzie Nelson (Ted Clover), Florence Lake (Mrs. Pine), Winnie Collins (Mrs. Kovacs), Harry Wagner (Father Meginnis), Dennis Rucker (Carl Young).
Officers Malloy and Reed answer several armed robbery calls, engage in a wild chase of criminals and get an assist from a priest in catching a dope peddler.

[CBS 8:30] It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown [special]
W: Charles M. Schultz   D: Bill Melendez

With Peter Robbins, Pamelyn Ferdin, Hilary Momberger, Glenn Gilger.
Reprise of the animated program based on the creation of Charles M. Schultz' "Peanuts" characters. Charlie is faced with the first-day-back-to-school chore of writing a composition on how he spent his vacation.

(Repeat program)

[ABC 8:30] The Courtship Of Eddie's Father [Reg]: Getting Back On The Horse
Season 3, episode 3
W: Bob Rodgers   D: Harry Falk

With Richard X. Slattery (Robbie MacDonald).
Eddie decides to hang up his rubber spikes when he gets hit by a fast pitch during a junior league game.

[NBC 8:30] McMillan And Wife [Reg]: Murder By The Barrel
Season 1, episode 1
W: Oliver Hailey   D: John Astin

With Kenneth Mars (Mr. Buchanan), David Huddleston (Pylant), Vito Scotti (Guido Barteloni), Warren Kemmerling (Dickerson), Michael Bow (Logan), Don Ross (Brady), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Barteloni).
Rock Hudson stars in his first comedy-drama series as Police Commissioner of San Francisco. Costarring in the segment of NBC's Mystery Movie trilogy is Susan Saint James as his wife. Tonight, a body pops out of a barrel on moving day for the McMillans and subsequently disappears.

[CBS 9:00] Medical Center [Reg]: The Imposter
Season 3, episode 3
W: Don Brinkley   D: Richard Benedict

With Forrest Tucker (Doc Yarman), Kim Hunter (Carla Yarman), Joy Bang (Peggy).
A country doctor who has built a successful practice with no medical training lives in fear of being discovered.

[ABC 9:00] The Smith Family [Reg]: Stakeout
Season 2, episode 3
D: Herschel Daugherty

With Ahna Capri (Joyce Baxter), Gene Evans (Capt. Dexter), Norman Grabowski (Robber), Vicki Cos (Debbie), Lois January (Stella).
Cindy and Bob believe their father is two-timing their mother when they see him drive off in a flashy car with an attractive woman.

[ABC 9:30] Shirley's World [Reg]: A Girl Like You
Season 1, episode 3
D: Ray Austin

With Una Stubbs (Marion), Rodney Bewes (Ralph), Yoko Tani (Okiyo).
Shirley starts out in a Kabuki theater, becomes an entertainer in a geisha house, and saves a British honeymooner from going "native".

[CBS 10:00] Mannix [Reg]: A Step In Time
Season 5, episode 3
W: Mann Rubin   D: Sutton Roley

With Dean Stockwell (Charles Townsend), Shelley Fabares (Gwen Townsend), Hildy Brooks (Charlotte Benson), Laurence Haddon (Ted Hanlon), Grace Albertson (Dr. Lucas).
When Mannix reports witnessing the murder of a woman, the sheriff insists that it happened the year previously and that he must have had a hallucination.

[ABC 10:00] The Man And The City [Reg]: I Should Have Let Him Die
Season 1, episode 3
W: David Moessinger   D: Paul Henreid

With Severn Darden (Geller), Christopher Connelly (Peter Marley), Fay Spain (Lois Niles), Henry Jones (Harry Niles), William Traylor (Ben Canfield), Douglass Watson (Dean Townsend).
Mayor Alcala steps in to save a medical student's career which is jeopardized when he performs emergency surgery.

[NBC 10:00] Night Gallery [Reg]
1.   Since Aunt Ada Came To Stay
W: Alvin Sapinsley   D: William Hale

With James Farentino (Craig Lowell), Michele Lee (Joanna Lowell), Jeanette Nolan (Aunt Ada), Jonathan Harris (Nick Porteus).  
A witch, back from the grave, seeks to inhabit the body of a wife.

2.   With Apologies To Mr. Hyde
W: Jack Laird   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Jack Laird (Laboratory Assistant), Adam West (Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde).  
Dr. Jekyll tries out a new potion.

3.   The Flip-Side Of Satan
W: Gerald Sanford, Malcolm Marmorstein   D: Jerrold Freedman

With Arte Johnson (J. J. Wilson).  
A callous disc jockey is offered up as a hellish sacrifice at a deserted radio station.

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