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Wednesday December 29, 1971
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Prime-time network TV listings for Wednesday December 29, 1971:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Carol Burnett Show Medical Center: Shock! (1) Mannix: Nightshade
ABC Bewitched: Adam, Warlock Or Washout? The Courtship Of Eddie's Father: Prince Charming The Smith Family: Taste Of Fear Shirley's World: Evidence In Camera The Man And The City: Jennifer
NBC Adam-12: Pick-Up McCloud: The Disposal Man Night Gallery

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Carol Burnett Show [Reg]
Season 5, episode 14

With Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin.
In another salute to Hollywood's Academy Awards, Martin plays a schoolboy who gets all of Carol's sympathy in a spoof of "Tea and Sympathy", and Lawrence plays a down-on-his-luck writer who meets a fading star (Carol). Lawrence sings "Losing My Mind".

[ABC 8:00] Bewitched [Reg]: Adam, Warlock Or Washout?
Season 8, episode 14
W: Ed Jurist   D: William Asher

With Bernie Kuby (Golfer #1), Maurice Evans (Maurice), Lew Horn (Golfer #2), Diana Chesney (Enchantra), Mary Esther Denver (Grimalda).
Samantha's marriage to Darrin hinges on the results of the witches council testing committee's decision on their son Adam.

[NBC 8:00] Adam-12 [Reg]: Pick-Up
Season 4, episode 13
W: J. C. Hospodar   D: James Neilson

With Barbara Hale (Bonnie Jessup), Bill Williams (William Taylor), Kathy Garver (Paula Jessup), Buddy Foster (Rusty Cobb).
While searching for a rapist suspect, Malloy and Reed discover a girl dope-peddler and her supplier after a wild chase.

[ABC 8:30] The Courtship Of Eddie's Father [Reg]: Prince Charming
Season 3, episode 14
W: Stan Cutler, Martin Donovan   D: Hal Cooper

With Aldine King (Mrs. Pick), James Cole (Max), Mitchell Sakamoto (Frank), Heather Harrison (Sandra), Gabbie Grammer (Elsie), Linda Marie (Debbie), Joey Douglas (Paul), Geoffrey Thorpe (Harold).
Eddie takes the role of a prince in a school play to get out of homework, but when he learns that he has to kiss the princess it's panic time.

[NBC 8:30] McCloud [Reg]: The Disposal Man
Season 2, episode 4
W: Mel Arrighi, Dean Hargrove   D: Boris Sagal

With Diana Muldaur (Chris Coughlin), Nita Talbot (Rosalie Hudgins), Patrick O'Neal (Arthur Yerby), James Olson (Thomas Dane / Alan Roberts), Arthur O'Connell (Sid Nylan), Jack Carter (Frank Gordon), James McEachin (Det. Thatcher), Murray Matheson (Peter Lincoln), Randolph Mantooth (Phillip Yerby), Arlene Martel (Linda Farley), Pat Morita (Felix).
Marshal McCloud is assigned to protect a wealthy corporation head from a hired killer. The man has made many enemies including his own wife and son.

[CBS 9:00] Medical Center [Reg]: Shock! (1)
Season 3, episode 15
W: Don Brinkley   D: Paul Stanley

With John Larch (Victor Crayton), Robert F. Lyons (David Crayton), Glenn Corbett (Phil Dorsey), Sheree North (Karen Porter), Vera Miles (Nora Crayton), Frank Campanella (Lt. Berger), Miko Mayama (Yoshiko Toma).
Gannon gets entangled in the affairs of an ailing tycoon who sets the stage for his own murder through cruelty to his wife, coldness to his son and his romantic overtures to his nurse.

[ABC 9:00] The Smith Family [Reg]: Taste Of Fear
Season 2, episode 15
D: Herschel Daugherty

With John Vivyan (Craig Saunders), Mike Henry, Richard O'Brien (Capt. O'Farrell), Warren Hammack.
Bob Smith's enthusiasm for police work is dampened when he becomes involved in a shootout as part of his Explorer Scout training.

[ABC 9:30] Shirley's World [Reg]: Evidence In Camera
Season 1, episode 16
D: Ralph Levy

With Hao Lui-Wan (Chi-Kwan), Kathy Hu (Min-Lau), Norman Bird (Inspector Freeman).
Shirley has her camera equipment stolen while on assignment in Hong Kong, and is suspicious about the Chinese girl who comes to her aid.

[CBS 10:00] Mannix [Reg]: Nightshade
Season 5, episode 15
W: Martin Roth   D: Reza Badiyi

With Patricia McAneny (Cecil Porter), Joseph Reale (Joey Brite), Mary Burnett (Ella Holland), Jesse White (Sam Westlake), Milton Berle (Danny Brite), Frank Hotchkiss (Greg Westlake).
When a close friend of Mannix's, a private investigator, is murdered, Joe is intrigued to learn that he was working for a comedian who refuses to discuss the mysterious case.

[ABC 10:00] The Man And The City [Reg]: Jennifer
Season 1, episode 14
D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Lois Nettleton (Jennifer Wilson), Jack Albertson (Lt. Feldman), Sam Melville (Neal Carter), Walter Burke (Tony Stapp).
A widow abducts a baby left in the care of Mayor Alcala's secretary, fantasizing that the child is her own. Police Lt. Feldman lists possible motives for the kidnapping as ransom, revenge or misplaced mother love.

[NBC 10:00] Night Gallery [Reg]
1.   The Different Ones
W: Rod Serling   D: John Meredyth Lucas

With Dana Andrews (Paul Koch), Jon Korkes (Victor Koch).  
A father agrees to send his misfit son to another planet in accordance with the Federal Conformity Act of 1993.

2.   Tell David...
W: Gerald Sanford   D: Jeff Corey

With Sandra Dee (Ann Bolt), Jared Martin (Tony Bolt/David Blessington), Chris Patrick (David Bolt), Anne Randall (Julie), Francoise Ruggieri (Yvonne), Jan Shutan (Jane Blessington), Jenny Sullivan (Pat Blessington).  
A chance encounter with a strange couple convinces a young woman that she has had a glimpse of the future.

3.   Logoda's Heads
W: Robert Bloch   D: Jeannot Szwarc

With Denise Nicholas (Kyro), Brock Peters (Logoda), Albert Popwell (Sgt. Imo), Zara Cully (Emba), Patrick Macnee (Major Crosby), Roger E. Mosley (Askari), Tim Matheson (Henley).  
Searching for a lost explorer in Africa, British authorities accuse a powerful witch doctor of his murder.

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