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Monday January 10, 1972
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News stories from Monday January 10, 1972

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • SheIk Mujibur Rahman returned to Dacca to lead the new nation of Bangladesh and announced a permanent break with Pakistan. After nine months of captivity in West Pakistan, Sheik Mujibur returned on a flight from London via India. The Bengalis welcomed him enthusiastically. [CBS]
  • The U.S. Naval task force in the Indian Ocean, headed by the USS Enterprise, left for the South China Sea and the Philippines. [CBS]
  • A demonstration by blacks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, erupted in violence when police tried to disperse the crowds. Two policemen and two Negroes were killed, and 20 persons were injured in the gun fight. [CBS]
  • Senator Hubert Humphrey entered the 1972 presidential campaign, declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia, where he called for an end to the Vietnam war. [CBS]
  • Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, Edmund Muskie, George McGovern, Henry Jackson, Vance Hartke, Eugene McCarthy, Shirley Chisholm, and John Lindsay have entered the Pennsylvania primary. [CBS]
  • The Supreme Court upheld the Democratic National Committee's plan for seating delegates at its national convention, giving small states a bigger voice. [CBS]
  • A federal judge in Virginia ordered the merger of the mostly-black Richmond city schools with two largely white neighboring county systems; the plan will require extensive busing. [CBS]
  • The Queen Elizabeth, being fitted as a floating university in Hong Kong harbor, was destroyed by fire. The ship burned for 24 hours and then capsized. [CBS]
  • In 1970, the Russians stopped a Lithuanian seaman from defecting at sea and President Nixon vowed that forced repatriation would never happen again. Now a Russian exchange student in the U.S. was involved in a shoplifting incident (charges were dropped) and persuaded to return home. His subsequent attempt at suicide has caused American officials to demand a hearing to find if the student really wants to return to the Soviet Union. [CBS]
  • Howard Hughes denies authorship of the autobiography to be published by McGraw-Hill, but the president of the publishing company produced a check for publication rights allegedly endorsed by Hughes. Author Clifford Irving discounted the recent telephone interview with Hughes, though seven reporters at the interview and a voice expert verified that it was Hughes' voice on the line. [CBS]
  • The Army has established a plan whereby potential volunteers from South Carolina and Georgia may try out at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, for three days and then decide to enlist or return home. [CBS]
  • Communists infiltrated the air base at U-Tapao in Thailand, bombing several B-52 planes there. One American soldier was killed and two wounded in an ambush near Saigon. The Bolovens Plateau in Laos has fallen to the enemy and the CIA base at Long Cheng, Laos, is in danger. [CBS]
  • A 25-man advance party returned from China after a seven-day visit to map out the details for President Nixon's trip. [CBS]
  • A congressional study shows that federal subsidies cost taxpayers $63 billion per year and accomplish little. [CBS]
  • An envelope with $4 million in negotiable bonds was stolen from a Wall Street messenger by a teenage boy. [CBS]
  • Surgeon General Jesse Steinfeld reports that non-smokers may have their health endangered from inhaling the smoke of others. The Tobacco Institute criticized the report as being unobjective. [CBS]
  • CBS turned down Republican Rep. Pete McCloskey's request for equal time to reply to President Nixon's recent interview with Dan Rather, for the reason that the President had not yet announced his candidacy for re-election at that time. [CBS]

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