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Tuesday January 11, 1972
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News stories from Tuesday January 11, 1972

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Communists have captured control of large parts of Laos and Cambodia. In Laos, the Communists control the Plain of Jarres and other strategic areas. In Cambodia, South Vietnamese forces have withdrawn in order to protect Saigon from stepped-up enemy attacks. North Vietnam has moved soldiers into the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, preparing an attack there in order to embarrass President Nixon on his trip to China. [CBS]
  • U.S. Army medical rescue helicopters are being painted white with bigger red crosses to identify them as mercy-mission vehicles which carry no guns. Some soldiers say that the enemy will shoot anyway, and white paint makes the helicopters easier targets. [CBS]
  • The violence in Baton Rouge is said to have been started by Black Muslims; the National Guard remains in the city. Mayor W.W. Dumas hinted of outsiders who intend to come to the city to prolong violence as being part of an organized plan. Visiting professors at a conference at the all-black campus of Southern University commented on the incident, saying that the speakers merely tried to promote "fervor" in black youth in order to combat racial problems in Baton Rouge, such as unemployment and poor housing. [CBS]
  • The Supreme Court backed up a Warren Court decision that defendants must have a lawyer at their trial. The two recent Nixon appointees dissented, along with Justices Warren Burger and Harry Blackmun. [CBS]
  • A federal court ruled that the Fraternal Order of Elks and other similar organizations are no longer exempt from taxes if they continue to practice racial discrimination. [CBS]
  • The Russian exchange student who slashed his wrists as he was about to be flown home to Moscow failed to appear at an immigration hearing to determine whether choice or force caused his decision to return. He will not be allowed to leave the U.S. until he is interviewed. [CBS]
  • Flamboyant multimillionaire Nubar Gulbenkheim died at 75 in a hospital on the French Riviera. [CBS]
  • Incidents such as the October landing of a Cuban plane in New Orleans and the 1969 landing of a Cuban defector in Florida without being detected have caused House Armed Services Committee chairman Edward Hebert to investigate U.S. air defenses. Hebert reported that the southern border of the United States is vulnerable to a surprise air attack. The Pentagon believes that such an attack is extremely unlikely, however. [CBS]
  • Recent Mariner 9 space shots of Mars are amazingly clear. Pictures of Mars now reveal surface details and volcanic activity. [CBS]
  • A Weyerhauser Company pulp mill in Everett, Washington, has elected to go out of business rather than attempt to comply with state pollution control requirements. [CBS]
  • The Catholic Church is being accused of a credibility gap in its campaign for tax support of Catholic schools. The charge was lodged by the Catholic National Association of Laity, citing church pleas of financial difficulty while spending $6 million per year lobbying for public tax help. The National Catholic Conference called the charge "naive". [CBS]
  • University of Pittsburgh professor Dr. C.K. Yang and Washington, D.C. restaurateur Van Lung were interviewed about their recent trip to China. China is building air raid shelters for protection against Soviet attack. That threat has prompted Chinese diplomacy with America. Dr. Yang cited the massive number of Russian troops on China's border as cause for anxiety; Lung says that the Chinese people fear a sneak attack. The People's Liberation Army guards China but is mainly used throughout the country for political purposes. [CBS]

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