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Thursday February 24, 1972
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News stories from Thursday February 24, 1972

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • The Senate voted on an anti-busing amendment; the Mansfield-Scott compromise measure passed by a narrow margin. Parliamentary procedure was used to block a vote on the tougher anti-busing bill of Senator Robert Griffin. Hard-line busing opponents and pro-busing liberals both oppose the compromise. Senator Abraham Ribicoff predicted lawsuits in the wake of the vaguely-worded bill. Liberals hope to defuse the busing issue, but not kill school integration. [CBS]
  • President Nixon and Premier Chou En-lai met for three hours and went sightseeing at the Great Wall and the Ming tombs. [CBS]
  • Communists walked out of the Paris Peace Talks and denounced the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam. The future of the talks is uncertain while President Nixon is in China. [CBS]
  • Reverend Daniel Berrigan was released on parole after serving half of his three-year sentence for destroying draft records in Catonsville, Maryland. Berrigan claims that the war is still the biggest issue in America, and said that President Nixon goes to China in a "trail of blood" from the Vietnam war. [CBS]
  • The Supreme Court overturned Jacksonville's (Fla.) vagrancy law. The court also ruled that witnesses who are promised immunity to testify, must do so. [CBS]
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Richard Kleindienst's nomination as Attorney General. Confirmation by the full Senate is expected. [CBS]
  • The garment industry is seeking to ease the Commerce Department's flame-proof requirement for sleepwear. Mrs. Mary Jean Brehm brought a burned, disfigured child to today's congressional hearing, and she urged that stricter regulations be passed. [CBS]
  • Helicopters rescued the occupants of a burning skyscraper in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ten people died in the blaze. [CBS]
  • Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter praised George Wallace and criticized Hubert Humphrey; Georgia Lt. Governor Lester Maddox also endorsed Wallace. Governor Carter cited Humphrey's recognition of Wallace for bringing major issues to the attention of the Democratic party; Humphrey accused Carter of misquoting him. [CBS]

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