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Thursday April 6, 1972
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News stories from Thursday April 6, 1972

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Ten American soldiers were killed and 33 wounded in Vietnam last week. Seven newsmen were wounded by mortar fire along the Dong Ha River in South Vietnam on the second anniversary of the capture of newsmen in Cambodia. Three of those who were in Cambodia (Dana Stone, Welles Hangen and Shawn Flynn) are still missing. [CBS]
  • President Nixon, speaking to the Catholic Educators Conference in Philadelphia, renewed his pledge of federal aid to private and parochial schools. Nixon's trip has the air of campaigning for re-election. He hopes to carry more northern states by characterizing the Democrats as being too far left, and appearing with local law-and-order champions and wooing the Catholic vote. The President praised Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo and stated that America needs non-public schools, and promised aid for them.

    Today a federal court struck down a Pennsylvania law that would reimburse parents for tuition paid to non-public schools, the decision ironically coinciding with the President's visit. [CBS]

  • An explosion touched off a fire in a gasoline storage area near Atlanta. A three million gallon gasoline tank was set ablaze in Doraville, Georgia, killing one workman and injuring residents of nearby homes. [CBS]
  • Members of the jury in the "Harrisburg 7" trial revealed that most of them were in favor of acquitting the defendants on conspiracy charges. [CBS]
  • President Nixon will stop in Teheran, Iran, on the way home from his trip to Russia. [CBS]
  • Egyptian President Anwar Sadat severed relations with Jordan. [CBS]
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on whether to extend the ITT hearings for two more weeks. [CBS]
  • Officials in San Diego are preparing for demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Police are undergoing an intensive course in convention control. A police inspector said that new non-lethal weapons are being tested, but the key to the issue is the policeman himself and his discipline. Flexibility and a low profile are being stressed in order to prevent another "Chicago 1968". [CBS]
  • The C-5A super transport plane was criticized by Air Force Secretary Robert Seamans as falling short of its planned performance capabilities and overrunning projected costs. A project to develop a new tank has been totally scrapped. [CBS]
  • Army Capt. Carl Freeman received a purple heart as the result of a visit to a dentist. X-rays showed shrapnel in Freeman's jaw, which he received in a firefight in Vietnam. [CBS]
  • Newscaster Lowell Thomas turned 80 years old today; he just returned from a skiing trip. [CBS]
  • U.S. jets and destroyers retaliated against the North Vietnamese offensive into South Vietnam by striking targets in North Vietnam. UPI reported that at least two U.S. jets were downed in North Vietnam and two more in South Vietnam's Quang Tri province. Quang Tri city, Hue and Dong Ha are still threatened by enemy advances, which are also taking place on Highway 13 north of Saigon. Loc Ninh, Quan Loi and An Loc are under siege.

    North Vietnamese forces trying to cut Highway 1 between Quang Tri and Hue were forced back by South Vietnamese troops. North Vietnamese bodies line the highway as propaganda for South Vietnam. Hue may be North Vietnam's target. South Vietnamese rangers have been flown in from Saigon to reinforce Hue and troops are pouring into nearby Phu Bai airport. [CBS]

  • Admiral Thomas Moorer says that U.S. air raids have only been against valid military targets in North Vietnam. So far, Hanoi and Haiphong harbors are off limits to American bombers for fear that Soviet personnel and ships might be hit, which might endanger President Nixon's trip to Moscow. [CBS]
  • The Viet Cong delegate to the Paris Peace Talks accused President Nixon of "starting the war all over again" by increasing the bombing of North Vietnam. She also bragged that South Vietnam is about to be "liberated" and that Vietnamization is collapsing. [CBS]

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