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Wednesday September 13, 1972
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Today's football transactions:

   • Falcons placed Harmon Wages on injured reserve
   • Bills clamed Ken Lee on waivers from Lions
   • Bears clamed Gary Kosins on waivers from Dolphins
   • Bears clamed John Huarte on waivers from Chiefs
   • Bengals clamed Drew Buie on waivers from Raiders
   • Broncos clamed Bill West on waivers from Raiders
   • Packers clamed Jon Staggers on waivers from Steelers
   • Oilers clamed Council Rudolph on waivers from Cardinals
   • Oilers clamed Jim Fassel on waivers from Chargers
   • Rams clamed Leo Hart on waivers from Falcons
   • Rams clamed Willie Parker on waivers from 49ers
   • Saints placed Al Dodd on injured reserve
   • Saints placed Carlos Bell on injured reserve
   • Saints placed D'Artagnan Martin on injured reserve
   • Saints placed James Ford on injured reserve
   • Saints placed Tom Harrington on injured reserve
   • Giants clamed Joe Orduna on waivers from 49ers
   • Cardinals clamed Bob Young on waivers from Oilers
   • Cardinals clamed Don Brumm on waivers from Eagles
   • Cardinals clamed Don Heater on waivers from Packers

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