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Wednesday September 13, 1972
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Prime-time network TV listings for Wednesday September 13, 1972:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS The Carol Burnett Show Medical Center: Vision Of Doom Cannon: Bad Cats And Sudden Death
ABC The Paul Lynde Show: Howie Comes Home To Roost Movie: The Daughters Of Joshua Cabe (1972) The Julie Andrews Hour
NBC Adam-12: Dirt Duel Banacek: Let's Hear It For A Living Legend Search: The Murrow Disappearance

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] The Carol Burnett Show [Reg]
Season 6, episode 1

With Jim Nabors.
Sixth season begins with Jim Nabors, as in past seasons, being Carol's first guest. All of the regulars return: Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence and the Ernest Flatt dancers. Carol and Harvey introduce two new characters, Fred and Marge -- "just plain folks" -- who sit in the audience and talk about contemporary life. Nabors sings "The Way of Love"; Carol and Nabors duet "The Maggie Blues"; Carol solos "If I Could Write a Song"; Finale is "Star Spangled Jive", a take-off on World War II movie musicals.

[ABC 8:00] The Paul Lynde Show [Reg]: Howie Comes Home To Roost
Season 1, episode 1
W: Ron Clark, Sam Bobrick   D: William Asher

With Dick Van Patten (Wollner), Hope Summers.
Debut of a series featuring Paul Lynde as a lawyer-husband-father in suburbia, beleaguered and put upon by all. In the opener, Paul's daughter returns home from college with her unemployed husband Howie, for whom Paul tries to find a position.

[NBC 8:00] Adam-12 [Reg]: Dirt Duel
Season 5, episode 1
W: Michael Donovan   D: Carl Barth

With Micky Dolenz (Oiler), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. McKay), Keith Taylor (Mouse), Edd Byrnes (Skinner).
Officers Malloy and Reed start their fifth season by getting unexpected help in their pursuit of two purse snatchers on motorcycles.

[ABC 8:30] Movie: The Daughters Of Joshua Cabe (1972)
W: Paul Savage   D: Philip Leacock

With Buddy Ebsen, Karen Valentine, Sandra Dee, Lesley Warren, Jack Elam, Leif Erickson.
Due to a home-steading law, a fur trapper schemes to keep his land by hiring a hooker, a pickpocket and a thief to pose as his family.

[NBC 8:30] Banacek [Reg]: Let's Hear It For A Living Legend
Season 1, episode 1
W: Del Reisman   D: Jack Smight

With Stefanie Powers (Angie Ives), Madlyn Rhue (Holly Allencamp), Robert Webber (Jerry Brinkman), John Brodie (Ritchie Mulligan), Deacon Jones (Joe Fabian), Anitra Ford (Susan), Colby Chester (Corliss), John Finnegan (Lt. Hallohan), Chris Forbes (Debbie), Curt Gowdy (Himself), Marty Ingels (Himself), Conrad Janis (Video Technician), Charlie Jones (Himself), Michael Lerner (Bartender), Tom Mack (Ed Wolinski), Jock Mahoney (Albert Bates), Chuck Morrell (Hank Ives), Byron Morrow (Grant), Peggy Walton (Dr. Judy Forrest), Gene Washington (Clay Mills).
When a professional football player vanishes from the field of play before a large crowd and millions of TV viewers, leaving only his helmet behind, Banacek is called in by the owner of the team to solve the mystery of the bizarre disappearance.

[CBS 9:00] Medical Center [Reg]: Vision Of Doom
Season 4, episode 1
W: Barry Oringer   D: Charles S. Dubin

With William Windom (Dr. Charles Nolan), Susan Oliver (Dr. Ruth), James Stacy (Neil), Lynn Carlin (Louise Nolan).
A professor known for his extrasensory perception has a vision of his own wife's death in surgery.

[CBS 10:00] Cannon [Reg]: Bad Cats And Sudden Death
Season 2, episode 1
W: Robert Lewin   D: Philip Leacock

With Marj Dusay (Jimmie Mitchell), Michael Pallin (Mike Arnold), James Luisi (Sonny), Larry Linville (Ed Barrows), Kevin Dunn (Dr. Sasha Dorn), John Perak (Sid Stevel), George Fisher (Leo Stevel).
An assistant D.A., an old friend of Cannon's who is investigating a car theft ring, is framed for his wife's murder.

[ABC 10:00] The Julie Andrews Hour [Reg]
Season 1, episode 1

With Rich Little, Alice Ghostley.
Weekly musical-variety program starring Miss Andrews in her first series. Julie recreates two of her stage roles, Eliza Doolittle of "My Fair Lady" and Mary Poppins of the Disney movie. The show opens with Julie and eight male dancers doing "I Want to Be Happy" and "The Boy Friend". Solos include "If Ever I Would Leave You", "Burlington Bertie From Bow", a medley from "The Sound of Music" and "Time Is My Friend". Little impersonates an elderly stage doorman; Miss Ghostley joins Julie in a skit, "Roommates".

[NBC 10:00] Search [Reg]: The Murrow Disappearance
Season 1, episode 1
W: Leslie Stevens   D: Russ Mayberry

With Maurice Evans (Roger White), David White (Miles Llewellyn), Capucine (Silvana Tristano).
Series about a space-age firm, World Securities, which protects and insures banks, jewels and art collections. Their agents are equipped with miniaturized communications systems so that their every move is monitored at an electronic mission control center. Hugh O'Brian, Doug McClure and Tony Franciosa star on a rotating basis. In the first episode, agent Lockwood (O'Brian) must find a missing foreign affairs consultant involved in a marital scandal to avoid international repercussions.

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