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Tuesday September 19, 1972
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News stories from Tuesday September 19, 1972

Summaries of the stories the major media outlets considered to be of particular importance on this date:

  • Seven packages containing bombs were mailed from Amsterdam to the Israeli embassies in Paris and London. Two packages with bombs were found in Paris; the others went to London. A bomb in London exploded, killing one person and injuring another. The incident was said to be a plot to kill members of the embassy staff. All envelopes were postmarked from Amsterdam, which is the European headquarters of the Palestinian terrorist group, "Black September" All of the bombs were discovered before going off, except one; the explosion shook the embassy building. [CBS]
  • Arab guerrillas are getting a boost; material assistance has been promised by the Soviets. An increase in arms to Iraq was also promised because of Israeli aggression. [CBS]
  • Syria is holding a U.S. military officer, Maj. Richard Barrett, who is the assistant attache at the American embassy in Amman, Jordan; the U.S. has no diplomatic relationship with Syria. It is being speculated that Syria may use Barrett to gain the release of five Syrian officers who are being held by Israel. [CBS]
  • An American citizen, Lewis Morton, has been killed in Uganda and another American was injured; both were former Peace Corps trainees. They were caught in a crossfire near a game preserve. [CBS]
  • Uganda claims to have recaptured the last town that was held by anti-government guerrillas. [CBS]
  • Catholics make up ¼ of the American electorate, therefore both presidential candidates are showing concern for parochial schools. President Nixon is on record as favoring aid to these schools, advocating a study in order to avoid conflict with the "separation of church and state". Senator McGovern has endorsed the idea of tax credits to parents whose children attend parochial schools.

    In Chicago today, McGovern visited a large Catholic school, saying that aid to public schools comes first, and he would oppose aid to any private schools which exist to foster segregation. McGovern suggested help for parents with children in parochial or legitimate private schools through tax credits, but stated no specific plan. [CBS]

  • President Nixon's campaign continues to be waged by stand-ins; the First Lady was in Yellowstone National Park today, and Vice President Agnew was in Minneapolis to begin an eight-state, nine-day swing. President Nixon is busy with the Three-I league -- Ireland, Italy and Israel, pitching for the ethnic vote. The President posed for photos today with the Irish girl who greeted the Nixons when they visited Ireland; earlier he met with the Polish foreign minister. Father John McLaughlin, a Jesuit priest and a member of the White House staff, addressed the Air Force Association.

    The President has his surrogates doing the tough talking. Senator Hugh Scott criticized vice-presidential candidate Sargent Shriver about the wealth of his wife. President Nixon will go to Camp David and then to Texas at the end of the week, but his basic strategy is unchanged -- use the White House as a political base. [CBS]

  • The seven men who have been indicted in the Watergate case pleaded innocent today. The "Watergate 7" surrendered at a federal courthouse to plead innocent to bugging the Democratic national headquarters. Bail was set at $10,000 for E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy; the other five are already under bail on burglary charges. Judge John Sirica will probably be asked to disqualify himself from the case; the trial may begin before the November election. [CBS]
  • The House Agriculture Committee continues to investigate charges that big grain companies were tipped off about wheat sales to Russia. Former government official Clarence Palmby came before the committee to answer questions about leaving the government to join the Continental Grain Company, implying a conflict of interest. Palmby denied any wrongdoing. Committee chairman Graham Purcell plans legislation to have the government absorb the losses which farmers might have suffered as a result of the wheat deal. [CBS]
  • Anthony Russo and Daniel Ellsberg, the two defendants in the Pentagon Papers case, filed a lawsuit against the government for illegal wiretapping. Former Attorney General John Mitchell and the heads of eight departments were named as defendants. The trial of Ellsberg and Russo has been suspended. [CBS]
  • 30 black airmen took over the mess hall at the Laredo, Texas, Air Force Base, protesting the boredom of blacks in the predominately Mexican-American area. Shorter tours of duty there were requested. [CBS]
  • A bill that would add a new dimension to American justice is moving ahead. Senate Bill 750 calls for compensating crime victims for their losses. It makes attacks on police or firemen a federal offense and sets up an insurance fund for crime victims. California and six other states now have such laws; others may follow. Up to now, the criminal has been the chief concern; Senator Mansfield believes that victims of crime are due equal consideration. [CBS]
  • FBI director L. Patrick Gray clashed with Los Angeles FBI office chief Wesley Grapp over the dress code of FBI men and the bugging of his own office without permission. Grapp has been demoted to Minneapolis. [CBS]

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