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Saturday December 9, 1972
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Sports headlines for Saturday December 9, 1972:

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Today's Top Performances
Billy Kilmer (WAS)178 yards
Mike Phipps (CLE)151 yards
Virgil Carter (CIN)95 yards
Craig Morton (DAL)61 yards
Ken Anderson (CIN)59 yards
Walt Garrison (DAL)121 yards
Calvin Hill (DAL)111 yards
Doug Dressler (CIN)75 yards
Herb Mul-Key (WAS)60 yards
Bo Scott (CLE)59 yards
Chip Myers (CIN)116 yards
Frank Pitts (CLE)77 yards
Charley Taylor (WAS)50 yards
Fair Hooker (CLE)44 yards
Calvin Hill (DAL)39 yards

Cleveland Browns (9-4-0) 0 14 10 3 27
Cincinnati Bengals (7-6-0) 0 10 14 0 24
Att: 59,524 at Riverfront Stadium Game Summary

Washington Redskins (11-2-0) 0 3 7 14 24
Dallas Cowboys (10-3-0) 14 14 3 3 34
Att: 65,136 at Texas Stadium Game Summary

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