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Saturday December 16, 1972
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Prime-time network TV listings for Saturday December 16, 1972:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS All In The Family: Archie And The Bowling Team Bridget Loves Bernie: 'Tis The Season The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis To New York The Bob Newhart Show: I Owe It All To You... But Not That Much The Carol Burnett Show
ABC Alias Smith And Jones: Witness To A Lynching The Streets Of San Francisco: The Bullet The Sixth Sense: Gallows In The Wind
NBC Emergency!: Helpful Movie: Viva Maria! (1965)

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] All In The Family [Reg]: Archie And The Bowling Team
Season 3, episode 14
W: Don Reo, Allan Katz   D: John Rich, Bob Lahendro

With Allan Melvin (Barney Hefner), Brad Logan (Moose Hansen).
Archie tries to get on an elite bowling team and thinks he has it made because his competition is a bad bowler and is black.

[ABC 8:00] Alias Smith And Jones [Reg]: Witness To A Lynching
Season 3, episode 11
W: Nicholas E. Baehr   D: Richard C. Bennett

With Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Kimball), G.D. Spradlin (Simpson), Brenda Scott (Cybele Snively), John Russell (Sheriff Lom Trevors), John McGiver (Doc Snively), Ann Doran (Mrs. Simpson), Barry Cahill (Marshal Guthrie).
Sheriff Trevors gives his old friends Heyes and Curry an assignment more dangerous than the two ever faced in their career of bank robbing: protect the only witnesses to a lynching.

[NBC 8:00] Emergency! [Reg]: Helpful
Season 2, episode 12
W: Preston Wood   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Alicia Bond (Dr. Varner), Barbara M. Benson (Nurse Gail), Victor Millan (Sergeant), Frank Maxwell (McGill), Margie Haber ( Agnes), Jamie Farr (Alan Austen), Paul Ryan (George), Abigail Shelton (Mrs. Hale).
A moonlighting woman doctor, emotionally upset and physically exhausted while working at Rampart Hospital, makes some wrong judgements and suddenly disappears.

[CBS 8:30] Bridget Loves Bernie [Reg]: 'Tis The Season
Season 1, episode 14

With Shelly Novack (Rabbi Lieberman), Ben Hammer (Victor Moskowitz).
The newlyweds are torn by their respective parents' wishes as to what they should celebrate -- Christmas or Hanukkah.

[CBS 9:00] The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Reg]: Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis To New York
Season 3, episode 14
W: Treva Silverman   D: Jay Sandrich

With Jack Riley (Barry Barlow), Robert Casper (Rob), Georgia Engel (Georgette Franklin).
Rhoda comes back home from a New York vacation to announce she's accepted a job and plans to leave Minneapolis within the week.

[ABC 9:00] The Streets Of San Francisco [Reg]: The Bullet
Season 1, episode 12
W: Barry Trivers, Cliff Gould, John Wilder   D: Walter Grauman

With Carl Betz (Jeff Williams), Geraldine Brooks (Alice Williams), Robert Cleaves (Albert Phillips), Patrick Conway (Vic Coyle), Peter Hobbs (Dr. Borman), Barney Phillips (Jim Dayton), Norman Alden (Sgt. Healy).
A college instructor, shot by a blackmailer, refuses to have the bullet removed for fear his incriminating past will prevent his attaining a full professorship.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Viva Maria! (1965)
W: Louis Malle, Jean-Claude Carriere   D: Louis Malle

With Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, George Hamilton, Paulette Dubost, Poldo Bendani, Claudio Brook.
Two girls get involved in a Central American revolution. Eventually they take part in the battle, capture a train, escape a firing squad and become national heroines.

[CBS 9:30] The Bob Newhart Show [Reg]: I Owe It All To You... But Not That Much
Season 1, episode 13
W: Martin Cohan   D: Alan Rafkin

Bob gains a patient but almost loses a friend when Jerry decides to see Bob professionally about a problem he's developed concerning hs relationship with all of the girls he dates.

[CBS 10:00] The Carol Burnett Show [Reg]
Season 6, episode 13

With Bernadette Peters, Anthony Newley.
A musical saga of "Little Miss Showbiz", a child star of the 1930s. Carol plays 8-year-old Honey Bunny who goes from an orphanage to stardom. Newley and Carol sing "Where Is Love?". Newley solos "Overchewer". In another skit, Carol is the mother of the invisible man.

[ABC 10:00] The Sixth Sense [Reg]: Gallows In The Wind
Season 2, episode 11
W: Don Ingalls   D: Alan Crosland

With Meg Foster (Carey Evers), R.G. Armstrong (Jack Preston), Richard Hatch (Owen Preston), Virginia Gregg (Thelma Young).
Dr. Rhodes struggles to understand a hysterical woman who may have psychic information which will help a group of people survive a hurricane.

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