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Monday March 5, 1973
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Prime-time network TV listings for Monday March 5, 1973:

8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS Gunsmoke: This Golden Land Here's Lucy: Lucy And Harry's Memoirs The Doris Day Show: Welcome To Big Sur The New Bill Cosby Show
ABC The Rookies: A Farewell Tree From Marly Doc Elliot: Doc Elliot The Fuzz Brothers
NBC Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: Episode #139 Movie: Brock's Last Case (1973)

Program details:

[CBS 8:00] Gunsmoke [Reg]: This Golden Land
Season 18, episode 24
W: Hal Sitowitz   D: Gunnar Hellstrom

With Paul Stevens (Moshe Gorofsky), Bettye Ackerman (Zisha), Joseph Hindy (Laibel), Richard Dreyfuss (Gearshon), Kevin Coughlin (Calvin), Victor French (Ruxton), Scott Sells (Semel), Wayne McLaren (Homer).
A Jewish immigrant family comes to grips with the turbulent life on the Kansas frontier of the 1870s as the patriarch of the proud family is forced to confront the town hoodlum, who was responsible for the accidental death of his youngest son.

[ABC 8:00] The Rookies [Reg]: A Farewell Tree From Marly
Season 1, episode 22
W: William Blinn   D: Harry Falk

With Tyne Daly (Marly), Kirk Mee (Ryan), Jean Allison (Mrs. Samuels), Logan Ramsey (Cain), Dennis Patrick (Mr. Bennett), Phil Proctor (Chad Bennett), Paul Stevens (Dr. Castle), Jean Byron (Judge).
A slightly retarded girl is deeply affected after seeing an old derelict die of a heart attack as he is harassed by a wealthy young man on a drunken spree.

[NBC 8:00] Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In [Reg]: Episode #139
Season 6, episode 23
W: Allan Katz   D: Bill Foster

With Dom DeLuise, Frank Welker, Dick Cavett, Peter Falk.
DeLuise guests as an Apache dancer, as Rocco in "The Godmother" and as his famous creation of Dominick the Great, world's foremost juggler, magician and general sham. The cast salutes the world of actors.

[CBS 9:00] Here's Lucy [Reg]: Lucy And Harry's Memoirs
Season 5, episode 24
W: Bob O'Brien   D: Coby Ruskin

Nostalgia overwhelms Harry when he decides to sell the Unique Employment Agency, and he and Lucy recall some of the bizarre and amusing incidents that occurred during their five-year employer-employee relationship.

[ABC 9:00] Doc Elliot [Reg]: Doc Elliot
Season 0, episode 1
W: John Lewis Carlino   D: Robert Butler

With Bo Hopkins (Eldred McCoy), Joe Don Baker (Aaron Hickey), Noah Beery Jr. (Barney Weeks), Verna Bloom (Mary Beth Hickey), Jim Antonio (Dr. Davidson), Morgan Woodward (Craig Andrews), Neva Patterson (Margaret Brimble), Connie Sawyer (Mags Brimble).
James Franciscus plays a western country medic who rushes to emergencies at the wheel of a medically equipped trailer truck in the pilot movie for the upcoming series.

[NBC 9:00] Movie: Brock's Last Case (1973)
W: Martin Donaldson, Alex Gordon   D: David Lowell Rich

With Richard Widmark, Henry Darrow, Beth Brickell, Will Geer, Michael Burns, David Huddleston, Henry Beckman, John Anderson, Pat Morita, Vaughn Taylor, Dub Taylor.
A New York police lieutenant quits the force to become an orange grower out West, but is forced back into crime-solving when his own foreman, an Indian, is accused of a series of murders.

[CBS 9:30] The Doris Day Show [Reg]: Welcome To Big Sur
Season 5, episode 23
W: William Raynor, Myles Wilder   D: William Wiard

With Patrick O'Neal (Jonathan Rusk), Sid Melton (Sid), Paul Vaughn (Clerk).
Doris Martin and her boyfriend Jonathan Rusk plan a weekend at Big Sur, only to see it shattered when her office pal Jackie and her boyfriend arrive to barge in on the arrangement.

[CBS 10:00] The New Bill Cosby Show
Season 1, episode 22

With Tim Conway, Sha Na Na.
Highlights include Conway and Cosby at the Hong Kong School of Comedy; Sha Na Na performs "Teen Angel". (Last show of the series.)

[ABC 10:00] The Fuzz Brothers [special]
W: John D.F. Black   D: Don Medford

With Lou Gossett Jr., Felton Perry, Jeff Corey, Don Porter, William Smith, Mitchell Ryan, Catlin Adams.
Pilot film about a black detective team of brothers who battle crime in a rundown section of Los Angeles. Their current assignment is to try to recover $10 million in heisted jewels.

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