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Sunday March 11, 1973
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Prime-time network TV listings for Sunday March 11, 1973:

7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM
CBS There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown M*A*S*H: Major Fred C. Dobbs Mannix: The Danford File Barnaby Jones: Perchance To Kill  
ABC The F.B.I.: Memory Of A Legend Harry O: Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On Intertect
NBC Wonderful World Of Disney: The Little Shepherd Dog Of Catalina McMillan And Wife: The Fine Art Of Staying Alive Escape: Render Safe  

Program details:

[CBS 7:30] There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown [special]
W: Charles M. Schulz   D: Bill Melendez

With Chad Webber, Kip de Farria, Stephen Shea, Robin Kohn, Hilary Momberger, Jeff Bailey.
Trapped in the seemingly endless traumas of report cards, exams, science projects and other adult-oriented torments, the Peanuts gang attempts to quell the pressure with a little leisure: mistaking a supermarket for an art museum and a view of Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty pursuing their ambivalent romance.

[NBC 7:30] Wonderful World Of Disney: The Little Shepherd Dog Of Catalina
Season 19, episode 17
D: Harry Tytle

With Clint Rowe (Parker Bob), William Maxwell, Joe Dawkins.
A champion show dog falls off the side of a yacht into Avalon Harbor. Swimming to shore, confused and unaccustomed to the island, the dog is picked up by a rancher and used to herd sheep.

[CBS 8:00] M*A*S*H [Reg]: Major Fred C. Dobbs
Season 1, episode 22
W: Sid Dorfman   D: Don Weis

With Odessa Cleveland (Ginger), Harvey Goldenberg (Capt. George Kaplan).
Maj. Frank Burns becomes the target of the off-beat humor of Hawkeye and Trapper John just once too often, and the uptight surgeon blows his top and requests a transfer, causing the irreverent surgical duo some second thoughts when Col. Blake informs them of the consequences.

[ABC 8:00] The F.B.I. [Reg]: Memory Of A Legend
Season 8, episode 24
W: Calvin Clements   D: Seymour Robbie

With Pat Hingle (Gus Benderson), Geoffrey Deuel (Bob Benderson), Brett Somers (Mary Benserson), Gwynne Gilford (Vera Benderson), Lawrence Dane (Lorne Staley), Joshua Bryant (Carney).
A retired small-time crook visits his married son and is saddened to learn that the boy has patterned his life after his own. Seeing an amateurish plan for a robbery, the man agrees to join his son for one last job.

[CBS 8:30] Mannix [Reg]: The Danford File
Season 6, episode 24
W: Rubin Mann   D: Harry Harvey, Jr.

With Richard Bradford (Barney Edmonds), Jessica Walter (Laura Danford), Robert Reed (Lt. Tobias), Arlene Martel (Brooke Maxwell), Elisabeth Fraser (Belle Hogan), John Gavin (Arthur Danford), Milt Kamen (Roy Benson).
A politician whose career is endangered when a blackmailer threatens to expose his wife's unsavory past, hires Joe Mannix to make the delivery payments and search for the blackmailer.

[NBC 8:30] McMillan And Wife [Reg]: The Fine Art Of Staying Alive
Season 2, episode 6
W: Oliver Hailey   D: Edward M. Abroms

With Henry Jones (Matthew Pennington), Cesare Danova (Feliciano), Alan Hale Jr. (Port Captain), Alan Caillou (Sir William), John Stephenson (Harry), Felice Orlandi (Hill), Paul Sorenson (Stacy), Stuart Nisbet (Mr. James), King Moody (Cowboy Car Salesman).
Sally McMillan is kidnapped. The abductors demand as ransom a priceless Rembrandt on display at the San Francisco Art Museum, leaving the commissioner in a quandry over procedure of the case, and the search for Sally's hidden clue to her whereabouts in a phone conversation.

[ABC 9:00] Harry O [Reg]: Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On
Season 0, episode 1
W: Howard Rodman   D: Jerry Thorpe

With Les Lannom (Library Assistant), Cheryl Ladd (Teenage Girl), Martin Sheen (Harlan Garrison), Margot Kidder (Helen), Sal Mineo (Walter Scheerer), Will Geer (Len McNeil), Marianna Hill (Mildred), Mel Stewart (Sgt. Granger), S. John Launer (Police Chief), Lawrence Cook, Kathleen Lloyd (Marilyn Bedestrum).
The man who shot Harry in the back four years ago asks him for protection from a killer. Pilot episode for the series.

[CBS 9:30] Barnaby Jones [Reg]: Perchance To Kill
Season 1, episode 6
W: Robert C. Dennis   D: Walter Grauman

With Sharon Acker (Gail Bloom), Eric Braeden (Steven Kingston), Jamie Smith-Jackson (Krysti Sanders), Frank Maxwell (Lt. Wilbur Keough), Richard Hatch (Eric Garvin), Barbara Stuart (Winnie Harback), Nancy Wickwire (Mrs. Sanders), Mark Roberts (Tony Bloom), Richard Bull (J.I. Fletcher), Ross Elliott (Dr. Sanders), Pepe Callahan (Ames), Lavelle Roby (Marilyn).
A successful attorney murders a colleague and then romances the victim's wife, as part of a scheme to recover some files that could mean the end of his career.

[ABC 10:00] Intertect [special]
W: Philip Saltzman   D: Lawrence Dobkin

With Pamela Franklin, Stuart Whitman, Robert Reed, David Soul, Bernard Fox, Eric Braeden.
Pilot for a projected series starring Stuart Whitman as retired FBI agent John McKennon, who founds an investigative agency based on his international connections. His first case is to rescue a woman from murderous terrorists.

[NBC 10:00] Escape [Reg]: Render Safe
Season 1, episode 2

With Bernie Hamilton (Harry Devlon), Scott Walker (Drew Valero), Norman Fell (Frank Diel).
An alcoholic demolition expert awakens with the realization that a ship will be blown up at noon by the use of a bomb he drew for a stranger who bought him drinks.

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